The Clouds, the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars….


Its the oddest things that really touch you. Or at least that’s the way it has seemed to be. Not that long ago, I wrote a blog post about movement as a form of ritual. I was actually referring to the action of walking, which has become my preferred meditational technique. But as I explore, I start to notice that there is so much more to that. Being conscious of every moment in life, each action that is taken during the course of the day – and how each singular action can be tied to other actions later in the day, or week, or month, our even within the year. The ripples of the intentional and unintentional movements spreading outward like the change in the surface of the water from when a pebble is dropped within its depths. And not just the ripples, but in how each movement creates a change in the pattern of one’s life. Such as the manner in which handing money to an obviously hungry individual on the street can change the focus of your intention, and quite possibly make a huge difference in that person’s life. Even when its obvious that they may take the money and spend it on their addiction instead – alcohol, drugs, cigarettes or what have you – instead of the necessities of food or other basic needs. Its not the gift of money that causes the change – its the gift of generosity, the gift of caring for someone. Its the intent that drives the ripple onward.

And in that understanding, the need for intentional action, intentional thought, intentional caring is what I find to be necessary. Sure, sure, sure. I hear the cynics in you out there saying – “That’s all whatever you send out, comes back to you whatever number in return.” I hear you calling the idea bullshit. And I understand where you are coming from. But my idea behind this is not to have something come back to me. I’ve already received my “gift” in knowing that I might make a difference in that person’s life. Whether I give them money, or a smile, or just a moment of reassurance. If there’s a chance it makes a difference in their day – that’s all that matters to me. I don’t need a return/reward of karma. I don’t need a pat on the head from the Gods and Goddesses. I don’t even need a kind “thank you” from the recipient. I am happy enough to smile, and be able to POSSIBLY be a bright spot in their day. Just that possibility is enough for me.
Each moment, every day – its a unique slice of time and space that I am experiencing at that time. Sometimes, someone may share that with me, where we can experience the moment together. Other times, we may – and do – experience the same moment, just not in the same place. We are connected by who we are, what we believe, and how we care for one another. We don’t have to share the exact same space to feel that connection. We don’t even need to be physically in the same area. We only need to be.
Believe me, this is an experience that I am only now beginning to explore more in depth. And its one that I am only now starting to appreciate the depth and breadth of. It is certainly a heady thought to see the connectivity we have With our environment, one another, our Ancestors, the Spirits of Place, and the Gods and Goddesses. In a manner of speaking, its a lot like looking into the vast depth of space, and realizing how small we are on this planet. And then realizing how little we understand our relationship here…and then to try and place that understanding into something as immense as space.
There’s a lot more to explore. A lot more to contemplate. And it is VAST and IMMENSE. I can understand why it takes more than a single lifetime to contemplate and explore. Because rushing through it spoils the beauty, lessens the experience, dims the knowledge. And I want to lay here in the grass, with one blade stuck between my teeth staring up into the sky, in complete awe of the Clouds, the Sun, the Moon, and those Stars….

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