I’m a Long-Time Reader of the Blog — Six Years on WordPress

Well, six years ago today (11/23), I moved my blog over here to WordPress. Its changed a bit — such as the title going from “Footsteps on My Path” to “Life With Trickster Gods” — but the aim of the blog has always been the same. Its a chronicle of some of the topics I have come across in my Daily Path. Sometimes, I manage to talk about stuff from a Spiritual perspective, and sometimes I tackle topics of a mundane nature. But the thoughts are generally mine. There are some quotations that I have found to be profound enough to include, but for all intents and purposes, the blog is a chronicle of me.


Around the fire at East Coast Gathering (2015)

The blog also continues the chronicle of me, as done in the past through my nine-year podcast: From the Edge of the Circle. I have had many instances of people telling me that they enjoyed what I did with that particular podcast. But to be honest, I found it to be cringe worthy from time to time. I am not built to be a celebrity of any kind. Nor am I the type to be a Spiritual Leader of any sort for anyone, except myself. And in a way, I found myself in some of that particular spotlight through the podcast.

And that is something I have had to come to grips with to some degree. There is a celebrity status that comes with putting your head above the crowd, and talking with a loud voice. I am far from being an authority on anything, except for what works for me. I have no desire to be the person that people see as a “shining example” of anything…and yet, just sitting in front of a microphone for nine years, blathering about whatever topic came to mind seemed to inspire some listeners to explore on their own Paths. or as I like to state in my typical self-deprecating manner, they saw someone as stupid and foolish as me doing this; they figured they could do as good a job, or even better for themselves.

I’ve noted before how terrified I get when people approach me with a statement that they are “long-time listeners of your podcasts…”. The spotlight is definitely not a place for me. I speak in front of a microphone attached to my computer. But I am not – in my own opinion – a good public speaker whatsoever. Some of my students in the college classes I have taught may disagree with that statement, but to be perfectly blunt and honest – even standing in front of them and talking about computers made me nervous as I could ever be. Its a lot easier speaking to a solid red light on my Snowball microphone.

Writing the blog is even easier. I just write what comes to my mind. And I hope its coherent. For me, I believe that writing blog posts is like opening another chapter in a book that folks get to read. For me, this is the safest manner to communicate – especially since I don’t have to try and interpret the way all the silent eyes staring back at me might be thinking – or how those eyes may be the indicator of whether my message is getting across or not. Damn communication…

There are days that I wish I was a bit more articulate behind the podcast microphone as Mojo and Sparrow of the Wigglian Way are. And there are days, I wish that my writing was as well thought out as that of John Beckett. And there are days that I am glad that I am not either of those days. Because those three folks are very, very excellent at what they do. And they all work hard towards those ends. And I feel that I would be competing with them. And then I remember the mantra that seems to be the primary voice of all the Pagan podcasters that are out there:

We do not compete with one another. We are each a singular voice in the wider conversation.

…and for me, this remains one of my biggest reminders about the Pagan community is within the various social media platforms. Its a giant conversation between a large number of people – sort of like what you witness at any festival event. People split off into various areas and groups – and they talk. Sometimes the conversations are private, and sometimes you can join in. Nine Hells, you can even start one…. And that’s really what this blog represents: conversation, communication, discussion… I’m not here to compete with anyone. Yes, I get statistical overviews for page views here, as well statistical overviews of the podcasts. And to be honest, the only thing the numbers tell me is how well the topic of interest resonates with the people who want to read. Beyond that, there’s not much interest or worry for me in that area. People will read the blog, that want to read the blog. People will listen to the podcast if they want to. Either way, I’ll continue writing posts; I’ll continue putting out podcast episodes with Upon a Pagan Path. Because I believe that it may be worth reading or listening to — just as another conversation/discussion within the Pagan Social Media Sphere… I will; however, continue to be freaked out when people tell me that they are long-time listeners of the show or long-time readers of the blog.

–Tommy /|\



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