Home at Last…

Welcome to the new calendar year! Yeah, its the 7th of January….a week since the new year rolled in, and I am only now getting back to blogging. But that’s what a whirlwind trip to the United Kingdom and France does for you.  🙂

I had a blast overseas, and even got the chance to visit Treadwell’s Books – one of the nicest Pagan book shops I have ever been inside of. I only wish I lived somewhat close to them, so I could drop in once a week. One of the most magickal places, and warming shops I have ever been in. If you are reading this, and planning a trip to London, you should plan for a side excursion to the shop.

But now, I have made it back here to the states. Work looms around the corner (Monday), as well as snow (same day). And there’s a couple of topics that will be coming out as blog posts in the coming days:  a look at my perception of how consumerism ruins the soul of a city, and a look at Pagan Ethics (or more closely thought of for me: Personal Ethics).

First, however, I would like to get some sleep, and put my daily rhythm back in order…as well as spend some time with my Kaylee kitty. She was the first thing I saw when I walked into the house…and she deserves my attention after such a long time away. See ya’ll back here on the blog tomorrow….



Kaylee sleeping on my computer chair

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