Scheduling Myself for PantheaCon 2016

So late last year, I made the decision that I was going to attend the 2016 Pantheacon. I have heard a lot about this particular gathering of Pagan folk – how it can be controversial, how it can spur some aspects of in-fighting and differences, how it can also bring people together to spur positive and affirming action. Nothing, however, prepared me for the crisis that hit me yesterday:  which panels will I be able to attend?

The sheer number of panels that are available is absolutely stunning. And while the folks at Pantheacon do a great job of labeling various tracks — its still a chore to make choices. And then there’s the concept of free-time, when are you going to eat, when are you going to sleep, and that doesn’t even begin the point of visiting the various suites that will be open.

So, last night, I decided to sit down and figure out some kind of a schedule. I decided to start with the basics, which panels I wanted to attend. With no regard to when my arrival flight would land, when my departing flight would take off, or how far away my hotel was going to be…I came up with my “schedule”.

Right off the bat, I am hit with a decision – the opening ritual. Apparently, there is a limited amount of room for the ritual, so the spots are listed on a first-come, first-in solution. Since I am a first-time attendee, I figured it would be better if I hugged the sidelines for this one, and left it out of my schedule.


  • 1330 – The Many Faces of the Celts
  • 1530 – The Changing Earth
  • (lunch/dinner – who knows where that will take place?)
  • 1900 – Finding Your Personal Magic
  • 2100 – Pagan Pastoral Care Issues
  • (off to find my bed)


  • 0900 – The Dark Side of Druidry
  • 1100 – On Dragon’s Wings
  • 1330 – A Practical Guide to Irish Spirituality
  • 1530 – Chanting, Trancing and Story
  • (lunch/dinner)
  • 1900 – Anansi’s Tales & Wisdom Time
  • 2100 – The Horned God in the British Isles
  • (off to find my bed)


  • 0900 – Morphing the Myth
  • 1100 – Native/Pagan Community Dialogue
  • (lunch)
  • 1530 – The Four Faces of the Horned God
  • (dinner)
  • 1900 – Journey to the Hearts – Welsh Goddesses
  • (free-time)
  • (off to find my bed)


  • (free-time)
  • 1100 – Sacred Fire
  • (go home)

So, with this hopeful schedule in hand, I checked my previously booked flight times to mesh with this.

My arrival flight comes in at 1240. So, it looks like the first panel may be a no-go.  I’ll set that in as a “potential” instead. My departure flight is Monday at 1725…which means that everything there is a sure-fire thing.  In fact, I’ll add the closing ritual into everything as well. So, my schedule looks to be set for Pantheacon. There seems to be plenty of chances to allow for some interviews with folks that may want to be on the podcast. And plenty of other chances to get to know other people as well.

Yeah.  Stepping out of the shadows… naked and all that…  ::sigh:: But I’ve been told I am going to have to just “suck it up buttercup.” Its a part of who I am that I am going to have to embrace now. Being out in the open. So, I’m going to start my death-grip now.  🙂



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