Re-Working my Pantheacon 2016 Schedule

So, a while back, I posted my original schedule for Pantheacon 2016 – the first time I have ever been to something like this (or even in the state of California for that matter). Nearly immediately after I posted it – I had a few folks contact me privately (and publicly) making notations about how unrealistic I was being.  So, taking their suggestions into mind, I decided to revise my potential schedule. I followed one rule of thumb that was mentioned several times:  pick two or three things that you MUST do on each day. Let the other parts of the day fill themselves naturally. So, with that in mind, here’s the new look at how I am planning to schedule myself through Pantheacon.

My flight lands in San Jose right around 12:40pm. Its likely that the first sessions starting at 1:30pm are out the door. It also means that the 3:30pm sessions may also be out. So I will start with a “maybe” on the first part of the Friday schedule. (everything with the schedule is done in military time – old habits die hard)

1530 ==> The Cauldron of the Dagda – Stephanie Woodfield. (MAYBE – time crunch issue)
1700 to 1900 ==> Roaming free (Dinner option)
1900 to 2045 ==> Finding Your Personal Magic – Shauna Aura Knight
2100 to 2245 ==> The Warrior and the Healer – Tommie StarChild (Maybe – this depends on how well I am dealing with the time change)
(off to find my Dream Crows)

0900 to 1045 ==> The Dark Side of Druidry – John Beckett
1100 to 1245 ==> On Dragon’s Wings – Kristoffer Hughes
1245 to 1530 ==> Roaming free (looking for lunch and visiting various Hospitality Suites looking for conversation or people to sit down and get on the mike for the podcast)
1530 to 1645 ==> Chanting, Trancing and Story ==> Shauna Aura Knight
1700 to 1900 ==> Previously scheduled interview
1900 to ??? ==> Sharon Knight and Winter Live Show (after their show, I’ll be wandering around – until my clock kicks in and I need to wander back to my hotel for some sleep)

0900 to 1045 ==> Morphing the Myth – S.P. Hendrick
1100 to 1245 ==> Native/Pagan Community Dialogue – Sacred Land Film Project
1245 to ???? ==> Roaming Free (looking for lunch, visiting Hospitality Suites, open time for interviews, eventually looking for dinner, and as long as my body holds out before needing more sleep)

0900 to 1045 ==> Roaming free (looking for the Goddess caffeine)
1100 to 1245 ==> The Cauldron of Change – Kristoffer Hughes (depending on how soon I have to get to the airport)


Yeah, its radically different than what I had before. But. This is my first time at Pantheacon. Getting advice from Con veterans was very, very helpful. To say I feel a little intimidated by the vastness of the Con, would be understating my feeling going into this. However, I am excited about attending, and have no idea what I am about to step into….

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