Uncertain Times Require Certain Grounding

As if the potential election of one of two bad choices for the US Presidency was not enough, the skies grew a bit gloomier with the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union. That’s right, I was (and still am) against the UK leaving the EU. But I am an American, and had no vote in the entire issue; I am merely an observer from afar. The exit of the UK is going to start a domino effect in the world economy. Like it or not, believe it or not – all national economies are tied together.

But the #Brexit vote has only been the latest, but by far the closest, of the lightning strikes from the coming storm. There’s the potential election of a corrupt politician or a xenophobic businessman for President. And let’s be realistic, the third-party candidates have some of the right ideas, but Americans do not research their candidates before voting. They – for the most part – only go for those offered up by the corporate media, which is invested in the idea of a two-party system. Couple that with the continued rise of terroristic violence, a floundering world economy, the rise of extremist perspectives on every side within society…and well, the storm clouds continue to brew and grow darker.

As a member of a non-dominant belief system – and let’s face it, Pagan religions may be growing in size and scope every year, but that’s nothing compared to the numbers of the big Five – I am truly concerned over the manner in which our modern society seeks to marginalize, denigrate, and destroy those things that do not conform to “mainstream” thought. And to be honest, I am not just concerned, I am downright afraid of some aspects of what I perceive as being just around the corner.

Make no mistake about it, now is not the time to be timid. Those of us that believe in inclusiveness, acceptance of differences, and desire a move away from hardcore fundamentalist attitudes are going to have to step up and make our voices heard. We have been shouted down by a vocal minority, in many cases, and have shied away from the voting polls, proclaiming the rigged nature of that game. Rigged or not, if we are going to effect change, we need to make our voices heard, and our votes need to be tallied as well.

Even more important than getting our voices out there, is finding our core center. We don’t need to go off half-cocked, and wildly assert who we are and why we believe as we do. We need to be grounded, focused, and calm. To effect change, we are going to need to be the calm, reasoned voices of our causes. Certainly, the world is a very upsetting place at the moment, but allowing ourselves to be swept up in the ground-swell of chaos that is following in the wake of these decisions will only muddy the waters further. Focus, ground, center. Commune with the Gods and Goddesses, if you believe in that (I do). Look for ways to put into action the causes that you want. Find ways to incorporate yourself into the movement of those causes in physical manners. Giving money is nice, but putting yourself into motion with your cause is far more important. It provides something that is needed most – physical resources to actually get things in motion. Cash is nice, but sweat equity is a higher donation.

I am not sure I will be able to do what I am wanting to get my voice into the American political fray. I am wanting to travel down to Houston for the Green Party convention. But with limited vacation time, I am unsure I will have the time to make that happen. However, I can contribute in other ways. I can help with petitions, I can help with fundraising. I can find other ways that I haven’t even thought of yet to contribute. I want my voice heard by the Green Party. I want my causes supported by the party’s platform. Getting involved is the only way I can ensure that happens. And being grounded, centered, and focused about my causes is the way that I can help insure that my voice is properly heard.

Now is not the time to freak out. Certainly, it is the time to to pause, take measure, ground, center, and focus. It is central that we find our focus, ground our tempers, and prepare for the oncoming storm. As was told to me last night in a dream…the storm is no longer coming. Its here.


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