Manning the Watchtower

Whew. That was one heck of a ride this week, eh? And for some folks, its still continuing. There are people who feel scared, and vulnerable after this election. And they have reason to feel that way. With Donnie making campaign rhetoric and promises that he would literally go after Muslims and the LGBTQ communities, he set very little doubt on what his proposed path would be once he takes office. Of course, the day after the elections, he has toned that down a bit, even backtracking on some of his statements. Which makes me wonder who the REAL Donnie is. At this point, only time will truly tell, which means we have to keep a strong eye on what he does for his entire four year term or however long it will last. My prediction is that he’s going to pull a Sarah Palin, and ditch out of the office at just a little over a year, turning the reins over to Mike Pense. Which is an even scarier prospective.

safetypinI’m wearing a safety pin to show that I am a safe place to turn to for anyone that feels that they might be in danger or need a shoulder to discretely cry into. It also signifies that I will not stand for any of the attacks or abuses that I see. It means that I won’t be a bystander. I served in the Air Force to protect the freedoms of everyone. Not just a select few. I will also protect the Constitution of these United States – against aggressors foreign and domestic, which means I will have my eye on Donnie’s administration. My oath of enlistment did not stop when I was processed out of the Air Force. It continues to this day. I may not be military, but my oath still stands, as far as I am concerned.

Not that long ago, I made the statement “The world is watching” in reference to the lack of President Obama’s involvement in stopping the DAPL near Standing Rock reservation. For Donnie and his cohort that will enter the White House on January 20th of next year, I add the following:  “Yes, the world is watching you. So am I. So are many, many veterans and current military members. Be sure to follow the Constitution in all that you do.” Its not a threat. Its a promise. A promise not to Donnie and his administration. Its a promise to the citizens of this country. We are watching.

Making an oath as a protector is a difficult choice. Many people join the military for the student loan perk. Others because they have no other choice in life. They are looking to learn marketable skills in the civilian world. But the oath is a sacred union between themselves and this country. I joined because I had nowhere else to really go. I had no marketable skills. I needed to learn a trade, particularly in the world of computers. I learned that trade. I also grew up to become an adult. And when I did that, I also learned the value of my oath. And as I have grown as a Pagan, I have learned the value of my statement, as well as the terms that were set out. The protection of the Constitution of these United States is for life.

I can walk away from this oath at any time. I can break that vow anytime that I want. But then I watch celebrations of how other countries have fought for their own sovereign rights. Particularly that of Ireland. I have a strong affinity for the Irish people, and how seriously they take the protection of their country. Not just the members of the military, but her citizens as well. They won their freedom, and they are willing to protect it at all costs. They are willing to lay down their lives, if they have to, so that future generations of Irish will be free.

For me, that’s a very similar sentiment, as I watch a regime of individuals that I trust not one bit, ascend to the highest levels of governmental control. I think of the Irish rebellion of Easter 1916, where people had to make a choice to stand and fight. And I see something similar potentially brewing in the streets of this country. It will take time for that brew to bubble over, but the wood beneath that cauldron is being stoked and added to. I have no idea what the rest of the country may or may not do. People have to make decisions of their own. For right now, I stand underneath the roof of my patio, watching the torrents from the start of the Storm. My Gods and Goddess have reminded me time again that my Staff is for more than just supporting me while I walk.

So I watch. I wait. I keep track of what is said. I keep track of what is done. I heard the whispers on the wind, “the storm is coming.” I hear the new voices on the wind, “the storm is here.” And I hear a new voice rising small and far quieter than those announcing the storm. It can barely be heard, but it is there. “Remember, for them, there will come a reckoning.” I will remember. But for now, I watch.

One thought on “Manning the Watchtower

  1. Right now, it seems to me to be the prudent thing to do — watch, observe, keep records. Yes. Watching, and making sure people know we’re safe and will help them. *sigh* Speaking up in a turbulent situation is difficult for me, but I’ve noticed that I can’t stay silent. So my heart may quake in my chest, but I will speak up and I will help.


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