Continuing to Live

Came into my office this morning, started my coffee machine, and then flipped on to my current playlist on my iPhone. That playlist is every single mp3 I own by Rush. As I boot up my work computer, the sounds of an audience starts to fill my small Bose bluetooth speaker (the only tie to sanity I have here at work), and I start a cup of coffee. The song “Force Ten” starts, and I get hit right in the face with a lyric I needed to hear:

Look in
To the eye of the storm
Look out
For the force without form
Look around
At the sight and the sound
Look in, look out, look around

Tough times demand tough talk
Demand tough hearts demand tough songs

I keep hearing the whispers in my dreams, in my meditations, and even when I am just staring out into the farm fields near the college and my house. And the sound is something I cannot get out of my head, a refrain that reminds me of where I am.

We will ask more of you than ever before. Stay focused.

Not really what I have been expecting. I am working through my Bardic studies, and spending even more time meditating. My focus has been on my studies, and moving forward with where I should be. Not much of my time has been spent with the news since Thursday of last week. I catch the occasional news story, but for the most part – my focus is on being the Pagan I am.

I guess sometime last night or this morning on the drive into work, I realized it. My focus SHOULD be on my studies. My focus SHOULD be on meeting my goals and needs. I have made the assumption that the Flidais has been whispering in my ear about being a protector and a watcher of what is happening around me. But I already know how to do that. Its literally in my DNA. She’s not whispering about that. Her words are geared towards following my studies. Her ragged whisper is about continuing to go where I should be. To continue to be the Pagan that I should be. To move forward. To continually progress in becoming the Priest (there’s that word again) I should be.

Certainly, I could spend plenty of time worrying over what Donnie and Mike may or may not do in their elected roles. But its not worrying I should be doing. Having me cowering in the corner, full of anxiety over what might be done is exactly what those two would want from me. After all, if I were afraid of them, I’m easier to control. Rather, I will continue with my daily life – and I will be watching. I will keep an eye on what they try to do, and intervene where I can or need to. But spending my time constantly worrying over that, takes me away from what I should be doing. It takes me away from the work that I am supposed to do. And that does no good for anyone, and lends power to who Donnie and Mike are.

Yes, I talk about it constantly…the storm is here. Yes, we need to band together as community so that we can make our way through these times. We also need to do the things that we need to. For me, that means communicating more often with the Gods and Goddess that have laid Their claim. It means spending more time with my Dream Crows, listening to their messages and their lessons. It means getting outside, and listening to the Wind, feeling the Earth beneath my feet, the coldĀ Morning Dew on my feet, and the hearing the crackle of the Fire. It means carrying on with the things that need to be done. And always keeping an ear to the ground and an eye to my surroundings for when I am asked to intervene.

In the Air Force, we kept bomber crews in a certain location – away from the rest of the base. Typically, they were kept in a facility that was akin to a dormitory, called the “Alert Facility”. They were available for their aircraft at a moment’s notice. In essence, they could get to their bombers and get these planes off the ground before a nuclear strike occurred. That is fine for a military unit, but we are not a military unit. We need to have our weapons nearby. We need to be ready to use those when necessary. But we need to also do other things that are necessary for us, the Gods, and our communities. We need to continue to live.


One thought on “Continuing to Live

  1. I have been receiving the message to “prepare”. It’s been hammering away at me for awhile, and now I get why. Preparation is a very broad subject, so I start small and work my way out from the center… and hope it’s enough.


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