Various Thoughts and Recollection – A Little Sorting After Samhain

I have mentioned it a few times before – this time of year tends to get me focused inwardly. I spend time looking at what happened over the course of the year, and what didn’t. And trying to figure out how things might happen going forward. I tend to refer to this point where the Wheel turns from one year to the next as my “quiet time”. And for the largest part….that is what it tends to be.


I have never really been one for spellwork or magick work. My two trickster Gods don’t really demand too much along those lines from me. They do; however, push me towards the idea of living my life intentionally. Honestly, it is not the easiest thing in the world either, at least for me. Life would be far easier if I just went to work and came home and relaxed afterward. That way, my intention would be pointed towards whatever task may come my way at work and I could veg at home in the latter part of the evening. But intention throughout the day is not built like that. Instead, I find myself facing the night before bedtime thinking about what I could day the next day that would make a difference. Sometimes, it is just a change in attitude. Be kind to others throughout the day. Be friendly to everyone. Sometimes it is specific things.

Magick is not some arcane set of words for me. Magick comes through living life. Every morning, I drive a small country road to get to the college. On either side of the road are dairy farms. Cows graze everywhere. Like an idiot, I wave at the small calves near the edge of the fence and watch as they run along with my truck – eager to play. On that same stretch of road, I have seen Fox, Coyote, Hawk, Crow, Grackle, Tree (intentionally singular), and the occasional car-chasing Dog. The magick and beauty of life, as well as the cycle of Life, unfold before me every day.

I totally grok the concept that every day needs a revolution – brewed in spellwork – to counter the politicians up on Capitol Hill, here in the United States. Bindings, cursings, spellwork – these are the chosen tools of so many. And I doff my cap to those people for the efforts that they put forth. Their chosen cause is a just one. To bring a sense of order and calm to a place that touches nearly every American life in one capacity or another – and reaches even beyond that. Politically, my perspective is very different from these folks. I have been cussed at for not joining in for the “cause” – for not putting my magick into the “cauldron”, so to speak. And while it feels like I am devalued in the eyes of these folks when I step back from that arena, I remind myself that my Gods have other directions for me to tread. And honestly, if my friendship with someone hinges on how I think and act politically – we have likely not had any kind of friendship whatsoever. My friends are my family. Political sides have nothing to do with any of that.

And with all that in mind, another cycle of the Wheel has ended, and a new one begins. This ending cycle ends with a marked upturn in chaotic feelings. Many, many folks are feeling like they have targets on their backs. Naked. Exposed. Under-protected. And rightly so. Like I said last year, the #Storm is here. And in the downpour that has arrived, people need one another – for shelter, for protection, to know that they are not alone. Pagan-folk will need a Pagan community that will reach out and be inclusive and protecting. And yet, I see where some continually lash out at others – over petty issues, or a need to be nasty to certain other folks. And while I wish that I could wave my staff and make stuff like that go away, much of it is about the dynamics of people wanting power over others. I cannot change the mindset of others, but I can note that none of that is hospitable behavior. I can also note who these nasty individuals are, along with their constant flailing against others that they perceive to be a threat to their small-minded concepts of power over others, and avoid them. And help others to avoid them as well. I cannot change the world, nor can I make people think the way I wish they would. Nor would I want to.

Over the last year, I have done a better job of writing here at this blog. That was one of my intentional thoughts from the previous year. This coming cycle, I will be blogging on the Moon Books platform, which I am thrilled about. I will try and keep the focus there on topics brought about from various Moon Books titles that I have. This blog will continue to exist. What I have done a lousy job with is the podcast. Some of that cannot be helped – such as changing schedule and job at the college – and some of it, I need to be more focused on doing better. There are plans to evolve things into a shorter, more direct and focused podcast. One of those areas will be far less social commentary from me on the podcast, more focus on poetry, short stories, interviews, and of course, music from independent Pagan artists. I am not rebooting to a new format. Rather, I am tightening up the format a bit more – and removing some of the focus from myself.

As for me – I am still just a simple Pagan with two Gods and a Goddess in my life. I continue my work in the Ovate grade of the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids. Every day brings me a chance to be more focused and intentional in who I am and what I want to become. Occasionally, I get a nudge from Crow or Coyote to do this or try that or be there. Flidais continues Her flirtations with me; though, these have evolved into conversations in dreams and meditations. I continue to wonder where our interactions will lead me to. Perhaps the coming cycle will provide those answers.

I hope that the coming cycle of the Year will bring you hope, tranquility, and some rest from the #Storm.    –T /|\

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