Life Does Change — An Explanation Owed



Me, at Imbolc Retreat 2018, being silly on the main porch. Original photo was taken by John Beckett

Its been a short while – and currently, I am in the middle of an insane whirlwind of three events happening back-to-back-to-back. Yesterday evening, I completed a 1,050+ mile trip to attend the ADF Imbolc Retreat near Mountain Home, Texas (put on by ADF Hearthstone Grove), and then a professional conference in Corpus Christi. That equated to somewhere around 17 hours of driving, excluding various stops. Today, I get the opportunity to rest for a bit, while packing (lightly) for a plane flight to, and four days at, Pantheacon.


A few weeks back, during a meditation, Crow noted that the coming calendar year was going to be bumpy, exhausting, exhilarating and stressful. “Grab a handle and hang on” was the warning. My professional life is about to move in a direction I only dreamed my department would go. My skillsets promise to be the lynchpin that everything will revolve upon. My new team is comprised of folks that I truly enjoy working with, and that I have the deepest respect for. My desire to help out with the professional conference I attend each year has bee noted, and I am already being asked to be prepared to be involved. There is going to be a lot expected of me, and I am already finding my armor to be in those battles – so to speak. Plus, I am needing to update skills to a program – R – that I have only a passing familiarity with. I am already working towards learning its usage, including professional development, self-paced training that I paid for out of my own pocket.

My Ovate grade work is proving to be difficult, and very rewarding. And while I am moving slowly, I am making steady progress that I am thrilled with. Every single day, I am finding new little threads to explore, and am starting to need the time to do that exploration. In my spiritual life, my daily devotions to Crow are providing a pathway to a much deeper relationship. I am learning that Priesthood, even devotional Priesthood, requires more than just words.

I continue to write blog posts here, and on the Moon Books platform, and have started to develop an enjoyment of putting my own thoughts into a written format. Whether my writing skills have gotten better for it…I’m not quite sure, but I sure do get a lot out of that.

Which brings me to the why of this post. Each part of what I have written above takes time. My daily schedule looks a mess – and what is above does not even take into account the physical workouts that I am trying to do to keep “round” from being my default shape. After a lot of thought, some meditation, some prayer, and some thoughtful discourse with folks whose opinions I trust – the decision to shutter the podcast “Upon a Pagan Path” was made, and I announced such a short while back. To be frankly honest, it is been far too long since I put an episode out – and the format that I am using is done far better by other shows, such as “Down at the Crossroads” and “Druidcast“. I will – from time to time – release short recorded discussions over on my Soundcloud page, but without all the frills and extra stuff that was added to the podcast format. I will also do spoken word bits, where I tell a tale over an open microphone or read one of my poems. But not as a podcast – and not with any release schedule attached to it.

It has been a pleasure to be part of the podcasting community for such a long time. I was extremely devastated when I decided to close down “From the Edge of the Circle” but it was truly time to do so. A recent conversation with someone I admire greatly, revealed to me that “Edge” was a charming format that was similar to sitting down and having a discussion – even if it was just one way. I only hope “Pagan Path” had a similar charm and appeal. But it certainly was a lot of fun to do.

Will I wind up on another podcast as a guest? Who knows…anything is technically possible. Maybe so, maybe not. I only know what the future holds for me going forward from today. The two blogging platforms are where I will spend the majority of my time pontificating my personal perspective on Polytheism, Paganism, and Druidry. Sort of like “From the Edge of the Circle” except that I will wear out my fingers instead of my voice. 🙂

There is one more podcast episode left, though. The final show. Yeah, I was not going to let things go without taking the opportunity to have a final moment. I had originally planned on having just two interviews and leaving it at that. However, I have another musical feature that I am working towards getting materials for. As for my two interview victims, those would be the absolutely phenomenal ADF almost-priest (fingers crossed) of Nine Waves, Lauren M. I have known Lauren for a few years now…and am absolutely thrilled to get her on the podcast. And to provide the ultimate aspect of symmetry – I bring back my friend John Beckett, who was on the first episode of Upon a Pagan Path. Both interviews were conducted at the ADF Imbolc Retreat, and are some really fun conversations – complete with background noises from all over camp.

This final podcast will be out sometime in the first seven days of March. And after that, I will keep Upon a Pagan Path alive and available for download on Liberated Syndication up through the end of March next year (2019). At that point, I will cease payments for the podcast, and delete the account from Liberated Syndication – the same manner in which I closed From the Edge of the Circle.

Honestly, life constantly changes. For me, things are getting busier in my life. What essentially starts part of one’s current cycle in life, may come to a close. But other opportunities are always available. Sometimes, those are easier to see. Sometimes, these are not readily evident unless you look harder. But life does change.

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