The OBOD Camp Experience – Gulf Coast 2018 Version – There…and Back Again

So, yesterday was the long journey home. Sleeping in a little late wound up getting the trip home started around 10am. Prior to leaving, a quick side trip was mounted to a nearby “Donut King” which has the most amazing donuts. However, the sign stated “no Credit Cards accepted. Cash and Checks only” which squashed that attempt, and found the truck back on the interstate and headed west.

There certainly has been a lot to think about, and a lot to process in my mind. The aftermath of every camp always alters some of the short/long-range plans with other ideas and slight alterations. This year’s camp was no different. I have a renewed energy to tackle my Ovate lessons and continue making progress. There is a distinct possibility that I may not be finished at the desired point of prior to next year, but if I fall short – so long as I make distinct progress, I’ll not be beating myself up.

img_9678The other alteration to short/long-range plans occurs with the podcast. I have a new episode that should (crossing fingers) be finished by this weekend. I have stated before that this will be the end of Upon a Pagan Path. Well, let me amend that statement slightly. This will be the end of regularly scheduled episodes for the podcast. I will continue bringing out episodes, just without a regular schedule. My work schedule is topsy-turvy, and there are other heavy issues in my life – so a regular schedule is not possible to maintain. I stated that “there are other podcasts that do what I do and do it better.” Its true, they do it better, but my focus is on the everyday individual on a Pagan Path – not the names that everyone else knows and hears on other podcasts. So, in that regard – not everyone else does what I do. They have similar formats. And that is where the “sameness” stops. But again, a regular schedule is just not going to be possible given everything else going on in life. I will aim at getting six to eight episodes out each calendar year. So the podcast will continue to have lie, sort of. For those of you that are happy about that…there was a certain discussion that took place behind a rented green cube at 11pm on Friday night that you can thank for that. All I will say is that you’re the tops, and what you stated made complete sense to me once I had nine hours of driving to mull over all of that.

Behind a hideous boxy vehicle of green
A lengthy conversation was whispered at, unseen
Shenanigators we have become
With bawdy tales yet to be sung
There is no denying that we make one “wicked” team

One thing is for certain, my hat is off to the folks of Highland Oak Nemeton who sponsor and organize this gathering every year. Each year, this whole gathering operates smoothly with very few noticeable glitches or issues. As each year comes around, I get very excited about seeing the folks that are a part of this group. They are wonderful individuals with wonderful families that I have had the privilege of getting to know. Honestly, I cannot think of them in any other way than family. They are all so welcoming, so helpful, and so loving to everyone who comes to this yearly gathering. They truly are the epitome of Druid hospitality.

I have mentioned it before – everyone’s experience of an OBOD camp is certain to be different. In my own experience, you get out of camp what you put into it. Again, if you are interested in the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids, please trot over to the website at and take a peek for yourself. I have found it to be a nearly perfect fit for who I am as a Pagan, and have benefitted greatly on a personal level from the Bardic and Ovate coursework.

Thanks for reading! I hope you have enjoyed this little series of posts.  –T /|\


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