Oh Please, Not Her!!

I wanted to circle back around on a post I wrote a while back, The Morrigan is Not a Valkyrie. A lot of private commentary, particularly from folks that follow and actively work with the Morrigan, have been done via Email since the publishing of that post. Some of the commentary and discussion has been great stuff, and some of it….well, not so much. Which is really an “ok” thing because those folks are entitled to their perspective and opinion as much as I am to mine. But that is not the focus of what I am writing….as you shall see/read in a few.

Working With the Gods

As I noted in the original post, some folks absolutely crave connection with the Gods, particularly the ones that they have a particular affinity towards. Some folks seem to have the Gods crawling all over them, while others seemingly have reached the barren desert of contact. Why the big difference in experiential contact? Well, to be perfectly open and honest, I have not the first idea as to the why of things such as this. I am me. I am not any of the Gods. I do not pretend to know what They think, what They believe or even what They experience. I know my own connection to Crow and Coyote. And I do not pretend that my connection is the singular type of connection to either of these two. The connection and rapport I enjoy with both of Them is singular and unique between the us. Some of it has similarities to how others connect and work with their own Gods, and some of it is so different from everyone else’s that I would potentially call it “unique” – except that I know that there could be a similarity in that process out there somewhere. So “unique” might not be the most appropriate descriptive filler.

However, working with the Gods can come as a point of something akin to a contract as well. Crow and I have a such a working agreement. I am tasked, from time to time, with things to be done. Sometimes it is study of concepts and materials. Sometimes it is a physical task. Rarely do I speak of any of this type of work, because I view it as a sacred tasking from Crow to me. Unless others are to be involved, I keep it to myself, out of respect for the agreement we have in place. At one time, I thought this type of tasking was a form of Priesthood, similar in nature to how the Morrigan tends to work with Her followers (or at least what I have managed to glean from public postings from a variety of folks). But Crow is not the Morrigan. I am not a Priest of Crow’s. I work directly with Crow. My role is more of a partnership than a measure of Priesthood. As was put to me by Crow – “If I wanted a Priest, I would have looked for other qualities that you would never possess. You are not made to be a Priest. Your role in your world is more direct.” Now, what all that means….I am slowly finding out. But the point is correct. I am no Priest.

When I thought I was being courted by the Morrigan, I was not overly thrilled. There is very little give and take in a relationship with Her. Agreements seemingly have a feel of a legal contract with an emphasis on precise wording. That is not a world or environment that I can thrive within. I have had a few of Her followers point out my military service as a starting point of working with Her. It is obvious that She has been gearing up for battle within this world and is seeking Warriors. I have heard the whizzing of bullets fired in anger towards me. But none of that makes me a Warrior either.

Oh Please, Not Her!

So what to do when you feel like you are getting called by one of the Gods that you are apprehensive about working with? Well, the first thing to do…is panic. Run through the streets like your hair is on fire! Scream. Wail. Cry. Give in that you are being pulled into a gravity well and have no control.

No, not really. The first thing to do is to not panic at all. Whatever manner you are getting your calling from, write down every observation you can find. If the calling came through a vision or a dream, write down every detail you can remember. If it gets repeated to you, definitely write down every detail you can recall. And then start your research. Read everything you can find on whatever God it is. Find those you know who have the calling of that God or Goddess, and talk with them about your experience. As the old maxim from the Reagan administration went – “trust but verify.” Trust what you have experienced, but verify what you have going on. In my instance, what I thought was the Morrigan turned out to be several Valkyrie taking turns with their overall message. There was no recruitment pitch going, merely a reminder to get my rear in gear. The slight differences in appearance were the easy lay-up on figuring things out. Except that like any human being, I was looking for the most difficult, tiniest difference to focus on.

So what’s next after the research? Well, spend your time interacting with whatever God or Goddess has approached you. Ask very specific, very pointed questions. But be respectful and polite as well. Remember, you are either accepting or rejecting an agreement. Have some tact. And if you are rejecting, be aware, some of the Gods are rather insistent when they want you. Be prepared for some blow-back as well. Consider what terms you might work with this God or Goddess. You might be able to barter a better deal.

For me, it was a thankful moment that the Morrigan was not making some claim to me for service. I am very aware that I would be a poor choice to work with Her. However, I am also aware that even difficult fits work into whatever Her plans might be, so there is always the possibility that such a calling could be made on me as well. At this point, I have done my research, and am more aware of what might be expected. I know a few more folks from “Team Morrigan” that I can go to for assistance, advice and potential verification. Would I wind up on the “team” or request to be excluded? Regardless of how poor a fit I feel I might be, I would at least listen. So, at this point, I would keep my options open. With an eye on the door, in case I need to go running through the streets, screaming, with my hair on fire.

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