#JustMyTake – Why Not Those Gods and Goddesses?

Why the Corvid? Why not [insert God or Goddess here]?

Or alternatively…

Why don’t you serve/work with the Morrigan? You’re ex-military, you have seen combat…you fit all the aspects of why you should be in Her service.

…and there are so many other questions that crop up from it all. Why Crow? I’m truly not completely sure. My sense of humor matches that of most Tricksters. I’m not as malicious as some might perceive Them to be, but I do have that decidedly prickly nature that comes with using humor as a weapon of sorts. But that’s really just a guess on my part. To really understand the “why”, I would think that would need a direct question to Crow to find some aspect of an answer. And that’s a question that I consider to be somewhat rude. Now that’s my own perspective added there. Crow might not see the question as being rude, but I do. Thus, it is doubtful I would ever ask that directly. I might ponder it from time to time, but doubtful that I would ever ask it.

Yes, I believe in manners when dealing with the Gods. I believe in manners in dealing with most people, as well. But people are not the Gods. So, why not the Morrigan, or some other God or Goddess? Well, you would need to ask each of Them that question. I cannot and will not speculate as to why a God or Goddess does or does not call me. Perhaps, I don’t fit exactly what They need. Perhaps, They have never really noticed me. Whatever the case or reasoning, I just don’t feel Their pull on me to fall into service for Them.

At one point, I thought the Morrigan was calling me. That turned out to be a series of Valkyrie poking and prodding me over my lack of keeping myself healthy. Later that year, I caught pneumonia which I am just getting over. So, the message got drilled home harder than before. I got excoriated for not being able to tell the difference between the Morrigan and the Valkyrie. Meh. So be it. I’m hardly worried about the opinion of others when it comes to how I deal with the Gods. Particularly when its a set of Gods from particular cultures I have precious little understanding of.

But that truly is the rub, isn’t it? I blog openly about my experiences, which leaves me open to criticism, ridicule, and belittlement. And the internet is such an open forum for people to just casually criticize. When you do stuff like this, you have to grow a thicker skin, focus back on what you are doing, and not worry about the back-pew shouters. I do not claim to be an expert at any of this Polytheism stuff…not even for me. I muddle my way through it all the best that I can. I read other perspectives, I listen when other polytheists hold their talks at conferences that I attend, and I watch their videos on Youtube. I am always open to other ideas, techniques, and theories. And I am always willing to share both my triumphs and my burn-it-to-the-ground failures, as well as anything in between. In my opinion, that’s how we develop as Polytheists, and as people.

Would I serve the Morrigan or any other God or Goddess? Sure. On the short-term, I’m more than willing to be there to do single, one-off projects when these are presented to me. Would I turn one down? That depends on what is being asked. For instance, I would be extremely reluctant to intentionally harm another person. Though I suppose there could be circumstances where that might be acceptable…but it would certainly be a rare item.

Would I serve another God or Goddess long-term or in the role of Priest? Well, I’ve made it fairly clear that being a Priest is not a role that feels correct or right for me. However, I wouldn’t rule such a thing out. There is always a chance that it happens. Serving in a long-term capacity is something that I wouldn’t take lightly either. I would ask for time to think everything over, ask role-specific questions, and then weigh the “right” and “wrong” of it in terms of my everyday life. Working with the Gods is a relationship…no matter the length of the agreement. And agreements like that should never be taken too lightly, in my opinion.

Lastly, comes the status of me as ex-military. None of that makes an appropriate and clear line of connection between myself and any God or Goddess. I was never career military. I was never spit and polish military. I was never strong on military bearing or paying deliberate attention to positions of authority. I believed in my oath of commitment to the Constitution of the United States and still hold that oath as honorable and current in my life. But none of that feeds into whether I would be a good fit to work with a specific God or Goddess, at least not in my eyes.

Working with Gods does not happen for everyone. Some folks never wanted to attract the attention of the Gods and find themselves in the middle of everything with Them. Others are begging to have that connection and never seem to have it happen. For some, that strong bond between themselves and the Gods is everything that their Spirituality is. For others, its an ancillary aspect of what they do Spiritually. How does it all happen? I would suggest to not try, and let it happen. That’s what happened for me. Others will suggest other strategies. I would suggest listening to everyone, and determining which strategy feels right to you – and then doing it. There’s a lot of book learning and lecture learning in within Polytheism and Paganism. And all of that is great stuff. But without actually doing the stuff that you learn…you’re becoming a theorist in what you believe. Becoming means doing. And failing. And altering the process. And trying again. And potentially failing again. And again. And again. Life is about the experience, not theory… #JustMyTake

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