Free Will, the Gods and Us. One Perspective.

I work with two Gods and a Goddess, on a semi-regular basis. None of my Gods demand a whole lot of me, but when They do, the request is fairly straight-forward. There’s not a whole lot of guessing as to what is being required of me, but there’s a ton of ambiguity when it comes to the “why” part of things. Rarely do I get that explained to me. After all, I’m not a God or Goddess, and I’m not really privy to what Their agency in this world is about. I get a request to complete a task. A lot of people think that you can’t say “no” to a God or that you cannot bargain with Them over the equitable recompense that provided at the end of the task being asked. You can do so….respectfully.

See, the Gods are asking for our help. Sometimes, those requests can come across as being demanding, but the reality is that you can say no or even negotiate. After all, you have Free Will, and its not just a Christian concept. Free Will provides you with the choice of how to respond. Just because you work with a particular God or Goddess does not mean that you do whatever is asked of you, or even accept the requested price for your services. You can reject the recompense and request a different bargaining price or even reject the request outright. That doesn’t mean that there might not be a consequence for the bargaining change or the outright rejection, you have to weigh that into your response as well, but you have the Self-Agency to reject or make changes to the task.

Now, let’s be clear about something, I am not suggesting that the Gods are some kind of Automated Banking Teller that just drops goodies, knowledge or experiences whenever you want those items. The Gods will exchange what They have for what They are asking of you. Its a fair barter system, with the “fair” part being judged and weighed by all parties. If there’s a judgment of inequity by any of the involved parties, this barter-style transaction will either be amended until all parties find a balanced equity or the transaction is outright rejected by a single party with no equitable re-offer provided. But the Gods don’t just drop loot on the floor and give it away for nothing more than an outstretched hand begging for help.

There’s also another side to the entire transaction as well, the Gods have Free Will as well. You ask for assistance with your favorite Social Justice issue with your favorite God or Goddess, They can reject you outright without explanation as well. Just as you have the capability to reject Their requests for assistance, They can reject your requests as well. The Gods have their own aspects of Free Will that They can follow, without explanation. I know quite a few folks that see their requests of the Gods to be similar to the Christian concept of imploring the aspects of the Holy Trinity through prayer. They have to listen. They have to respond. They cannot leave Their followers just hanging. Wanna bet on that?Even the Christian God has the opportunity to not heed the calls of His followers’ prayers. Just as we have Free Will, so do the Gods. And just as we don’t owe a single explanation to the Gods when we reject Their requests; They owe us no explanation as well.

Now, I noted that the Gods can extract consequences from us when we do not heed Their call; well, we can do the same in return for Them. We can choose not to follow Them in our rites. We can choose to not provide them the worship that we provide, if we feel that Their non-answers to our requests merit that kind of action. There are always consequences for any kind of action that is deemed to merit that kind of response. After all, working with the Gods is a relationship, which both sides must nurture and grow. Both dictated by our own unique aspects of individual Free Will.

Have I rejected a God before? No, nor do I plan to. Not unless I am asked to do something that I just cannot ethically bring myself to do. And before I reject the request outright, I would attempt to bargain and structure the request in a way that I could accomplish in a manner that doesn’t challenge my own individual ethics. If I could not find a way to restructure, only after a failed attempt at bargaining would I reject the request outright. To me, that is the ethically way to deal with the issue.

And the entire process? Doesn’t happen in split seconds in my head. It can take weeks of thought, debate, discussion, and musing. Things like this don’t usually happen in split second thought processes.

Now, there will be those that will describe all of this as folly in my own mind. I grok that perspective. I disagree with it, but I grok where it comes from. But I am not writing this for those people. They can deal with their own Spiritual processes on their own, quite well without me. And I will deeply respect that the process works quite well for them and not try to find ways to punch holes in how they believe. To do so, would indeed be folly on my part, since I look at all aspects of how people approach Spirituality on their own as a sacred process worthy of my respect, not my ridicule. But for those that do understand. Those Polytheists that do see the Gods as unique individuals that can be communicated with, reasoned and bargained with, and worthy of our time and passion, I offer what I have written as one way to approach the Gods and communicate with Them. Not a Bible of how to do so, but merely my perspective into doing so. Remember, They are unique Beings, just as we are…They have Free Will too.

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