Thoughts on a Rainy Friday Morning

Welcome to the day after Thursday. Not a huge fan of Thanksgiving, so I tend to treat it like another day of the week – which it is. I really was not sure what I was going to write about for the blog yesterday, so I figured I would do the same thing as most people – and take the day off. of course, that leaves today…so let’s see where me, Shaw Blades on the Bluetooth speaker, and a cup of coffee might decide to go….

First Thoughts

I have done a lot to let folks know – particularly on Facebook where I am more active – that politics is just not a daily chore that I care to involve myself in. Occasionally, I will peruse the headlines to keep myself aware of what is going on, and even more rare is the time that I will click on a headline to read the story in more depth. But at this point, I pay as little attention to American politics as I possibly can. Most of that comes from feelings of disgust over the way these so-called politicians continue to take personal issues out into the open, trying to paint other politicians as “unwholesome” or “deviant” compared to themselves. I also dislike the way such issues take over the headlines and discussion rather than points on policies, government programs, and other aspects that would be more relate-able to what these folks are being elected for. Granted, there is no chance in the Nine Hells that I would ever cast a vote for President Trump, not because of what he represents on a social level, but because of his inept manner of discharging the duties of the Presidency.

So, there is a whole slew of candidates from other areas that are also vying for the position…would I cast a vote for any of them? Possibly. But only if they can showcase an ability to discharge the duties of the Presidency in a manner that is consistent with what I would expect. At this particular moment, I am more than willing to cast an empty ballot for the Presidency come election time, as is my right as a voter. I know that might piss some folks off, but honestly, my vote is my right. I’ll cast it in whatever manner I feel is appropriate. I am not the type of individual to cave from peer pressure.

Second Thoughts

About a month and a half back, I had one of the readers ask me to provide an opinion on what I thought were the best Pagan musicians out there. Well, my opinion doesn’t mean much. I’m just one person. And if you are basing what you hear as “good” on what I think is good…you might be disappointed. Like I said, I’m not one to bend to peer pressure, and that even falls in the realm of music. I have my favorites…Omnia, Wendy Rule, Emerald Rose, Faun and a few others. I could provide a list…but what for? Each of them are wonderful, as are the ones that I don’t list, and those that I have never heard. Music is, in my opinion, something to be enjoyed by the listener…not some competition. So I’ll beg out of that with what I’ve written. Likewise, I would extend this to writers as well. #JustSayin’

Third Thoughts

So, its Thanksgiving. A period of time that we have collective set off on the calendar to be grateful for the things we have in our lives. And then spend the following Friday (today) shoving each other aside at store sales to get the best deal. Yep, I was grateful for you yesterday, but if you touch that last PS4 controller that is on sale, I’ll break your Gods-damned jaw. Nice.

This is typically the time frame of the year that I bow out of being in public that often. People spend more time trying to find the deals that will allow them to show others that they cared enough about them to do bodily harm to others. Its not that I have issues with heavy consumerism (I do, but not to the level or detail that others that I know tend to). I just like my health where it is (or better). I don’t want to wind up in a hospital. Been there enough already, thank you very much.

Sarcastic commentary aside, I wonder if some folks have put some thought into how they show people that they care about them. Sure, the newest PS4 controller is an awesome thing, but so is a nice book on a topic that the individual might appreciate. And it costs a lot less, that’s for sure. But cost aside, I’d rather fed your mind than help your thumbs wind up in traction or develop carpal tunnel syndrome. #JustSayin’….

Final Thoughts

This is a time of the season to cook large meals, and feed the family. What about the military veteran widower down the road? You know, the guy that never has any visitors over the course of the year. Or any of your neighbors, whether they look like they get company or not. Want to make an impression with those folks? Get them a holiday card, make a batch of home-made cookies, and hand-deliver these to their door. Show them that you actually care – even if all they do is yell at your kids to get off their lawn. Perhaps The Beatles said it best – All You Need is Love. If we all practiced it more often and far more heart-felt, wouldn’t the world be a lot better place than it is?

Take those cookies and the holiday card over to the neighbors. Even that dude that keeps his “Trump for President” sign in his yard all year round. A little kindness and sharing might go a lot further than constantly showing your potential vote to the world, don’t you think? I do.

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