Review: The Journey Into Spirit

I have met Kristoffer Hughes numerous times over the past few years, mostly at Pagan conferences and gatherings. Kristoffer has always been full of life, humorous, playful, and a pure joy to be around. I had a vague idea of Kristoffer’s professional occupation, but never really equated that too much with the individual I have come to know. This book of his, showed me a completely different side of Kristoffer’s life, but not a different side of Kristoffer. I’ll explain a little more in a bit. In the meantime, I’ll try not to give away too much of what is written within those pages. In my opinion, it is best experienced by the reader…not through the reviewer.

I understand quite a bit of the cycle of life and death, my father was a hospital Pathologist. While his profession was more geared towards the study of diseases, the death of individuals from those diseases was a part of that life. I never got to be in on an autopsy, ethically that would just not be appropriate – particularly for a child of sixteen or younger (the time frame that I was exposed to my father’s profession). However, I did get to see some of the aftermath of such expositions in the skin and cell samples that were prepared for study. However, I never really placed the idea of the care of the body after death into my perceptual vision.

This book takes a rather candid, and surprisingly intimate, look at the pattern of what happens after death. And oddly enough, I completely understand quite a bit of the perspective that is laid forth in what Kristoffer has written. One of the major thematic points made is how death is set off to the side – not openly viewed in our modern society. For someone looking to find an inviting perspective on the process of dying, death, and burial – Kristoffer has indeed presented a very approachable perspective.

Perhaps the most shocking perspective for me was the extremely personal perspective that Kristoffer provides – particularly in the beginning of the book. More than once, I found myself empathizing greatly with what was written. Thinking back on what I have come to know about Kristoffer in the limited times we have met and engaged one another, I realize that this is not really all that surprising. Kristoffer has always been a warm, engaging individual who has a genuine smile, and a fantastic bear-hug for everyone. The off-kilter banter in conversation and in lecture shows affection for every single individual within earshot. Its not all that surprising, in retrospect, to find that same warmth and empathy within the written stories showcased in this book.

Do I recommend this book? Most definitely. Whether you are looking for something with depth and introspection towards the aspect of death, or are seeking something that might help you to understand the passing of a loved one — The Journey Into Spirit can provide that, in my opinion. Should you ever get a chance to meet the writer – take the opportunity and do so. You will find someone with a personality as large as the universe, and a heart four times that size.

You can find this book at Llewellyn or on Amazon….and perhaps even your local bookstore.

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