Redefine, Re-Focus…Evolution Not Revolution

2020….back when I WAS 20…I never thought I would live to see this year. Last year, I nearly made that come true in early July. So, here we stand, at the opening of an entirely new calendar year. Now, remember, I don’t make resolutions. Instead, I set goals and then try to reach them.

Last year, I made several goals…and met none of them, thanks to illness issues. This year, I have some smaller goals (yeah right), that will hopefully be a bit more attainable.

First, my Ovate studies have suffered over the past year. Lots of other things took priority, so its time to relight the engines on the jet for this. Its a little past time to get moving on all of this and eventually make a chance at the Druid grade studies.

Second, my search for a job position, somewhere, continues. My desire is to move further south towards the Houston area. But I’m ok with a job up here in the northern tier of central Texas for the time being. Some of this is going to involve doing some creative retooling of my skills, as well as a degree in Library Sciences. I’m a touch late to start a degree program in January, but am already working on an application for Fall term. The sole requirement that I have is that the program must be completely online, so that I am capable of moving when necessary.

Third, and probably the most surprising aspect to me, is to look into actually gaining credentials as a Priest. I know, I know. I have talked so much about trying to move away from this role, and yet every time I turn around, I find this staring my back in the face. It has taken a long time for me to realize that the role of Priest is not what I have shaped it into within my mind. That shape comes from others and how they have approached the role on their own. Just as I shape the concept of Druid into what I see it to be, I can also do the same with the role of Priest. What shape that is really going to take will need a lot of thinking on my part. But it is time to seek out the various aspects towards credentials of some sort. This is one of the longer-term goals that may take more than this calendar year.

…and since I am a Druid….three goals is where I stop for the moment. Just a nice, neat number for me.

Many folks will notice that resistance against the corporate machine or the current abusive US government is not on my list. Because none of that is where my focus is at. I have had several folks tell me that they are concerned that I am not focusing on things such as these. Well, to be honest, sometimes the Path that I walk will be different from that of others. Just because I do not share the burning desires of your convictions does not mean that I do not agree. It merely means that my energy is focused where I need to be. And its ok to be different.

Others will notice that I am still not trying to find a group to be a part of on my daily Path. That is correct. I am still practicing my daily Path on my own. This is the default setting that works for me. Moving towards being a Priest does not change that. In fact, from my perspective, it strengthens that in ways that I am looking forward to exploring.

Many of my friends are declaring 2020 to be the year of their revolution. For me, that does not ring true in my ears. This coming year will be the start of my own personal evolution. It is long past time to change. Long past time to re-define my focus. Long past time to step into the role that has been staring me in the face for so long. Long past time to explore the Path that I am now turning to face.

–T /|\

(Picture by John Beckett)

2 thoughts on “Redefine, Re-Focus…Evolution Not Revolution

  1. The role of Priest changes as your skills are needed – sometimes this feels almost out of your control, which means you have to leave a lot to trust. Or faith. Indiana Jones stepping out into a chasm…

    I’d say you’ve been Priesting for some time, just to yourself and those you share your readings. I see you doing your best, and know you will this year too x

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    • Aww thanks Cat…I’ve done so much trying to run away from the concept of being a Priest…only to have it show up again and again in my daily life. I really decided that it was time to do something a little more formal about it…which is where this year will be going.

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