Professional Druid??

Professional Witch. I just read that in an article in The Atlantic, which was discussing why Witchcraft is on the rise in this day and age. if you can get through the pay-wall, the article is here. I found most of what was stated to be amusing. But the one line – that the person being interviewed was a Professional Witch, just really struck me as amusing.

I’m a Druid. Not a “professional” one, though I do my very best to be the Druid that I am meant to be. But “professional”? Well, I have never thought about utilizing my Druidry in a way that could make me money. Most likely, that comes from my position that my Druidry is who I am, not just what I do. I can “Druid” for you, if you like. I have no idea what to charge you, nor what you might be expecting. So, perhaps I am merely an amateur. Maybe? But what qualifications should I have? And where do I go to get a license that shows that I can professional “Druid” for people?

Sorry, I am being a little flippant with all of this. Setting out a shingle that proclaims me to be a “professional” Druid just seems like a slap in the face of other Druids that I know. At some point, I will be able to work in some aspects of the roles of a Priest – I am still looking through just what I need to do in those regards. Certainly, I know many Druids who officiate weddings, perform funeral rites, do handfastings (which I would call a wedding), perform public rituals, and even give open-floor discussions on selected topics. But I am not sure that many – if any – of them would call themselves “professionl” Druids. I think they would just utilize the moniker of “Druid”.

Perhaps, I am being a little foolish in my thinking. I could hang my shingle out there. I’ll do any of the “Druid” things I mentioned above. I’ll come and do a magickal cleansing on your house. Even your dog-house. I’ll come and do some kind of a magickal reading for you (badly – but at least I tried!). All for a fee, of course!

Good Gods no!! Once I can legally do so, I’ll be happy to perform a wedding for you. So long as its nothing extremely formal. I’m a Hippy, after all. I don’t have much in the way of formal clothing. LOL Same for a funeral rite. I’ll be happy to take the time to create a few potential rituals for either event, go through them with you – and work towards customizing what you need or want. Yes, I would want some kind of nominal fee…I like to be paid for the work that I do, but its not for the money. I would do this types of things because I wanted to provide a service to those that would want it.

Well, that certainly sounds like being paid for your services – and that’s what professionals do. Perhaps, I am a professional and I just don’t realize that this is the appropriate terminology? I do have a business card…its nothing super special. It just states that I am a Pagan blogger, and podcaster (its an old card). Maybe I need something new?? Is it really that important?? To be honest, I don’t really know. After all, I’ve only been a professional Druid for less than two paragraphs now. There seems to be a lot to think about here….

Ok, enough with the sarcasm and the sophomoric repartee. Do I have issues with the young lady’s approach to her Craft, as noted in the article? Well, I’ll preface this with saying that I would be highly unlikely to approach her for any services. I don’t need people to stand between me and my Gods. However, if she is managing to make a living from this, who am I to argue with it? Would I send people her way for services? Doubtful. But I certainly wouldn’t stand between the recommendations of others. I do not believe in telling people what they should or should not do. Nor do I get into the habit of telling people what should or should not be authentic to them in their own Spiritual Journey. What should you think? Well, read the article (if you can get through the pay wall), and decide for yourself (a very Druid thing to do, in my opinion).

So, what to think about folks doing their Spiritual and Religious stuff as services that get paid for…I’m not really one to criticize. If it works for them, it works for them. I have never really considered it before…well, until recently, and really more out of a sense of giving back to my wider community than trying to make a dollar for myself or create some kind of name for me. I’m actually not built that way…but I do grok that perspective. Professional Druid….me? Maybe….just not right now….

4 thoughts on “Professional Druid??

  1. These are pretty much the thoughts I had when I first stepped into that terminology. Still working, so clearly demand is there, and Iā€™m able to help others by my work… interesting to see how it evolves moving into the new decade.

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    • Yeah, I am struggling with the notation of “professional”…I’m not completely comfortable with that terminology…at this point, I’m settling for “Druid”… LOL


  2. In so far as the word ‘professional’ makes any sense in an ancient context, I think the original Druids were professionals. I also think we don’t have the right words to be talking about much of this. šŸ™‚

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    • Absolutely….I am not sure what terminology would be more appropriate…but the term “professional” just has so many mannerisms associated with it that lend some bad implications towards those who do the same things, but don’t use the term….this is one that I am going to keep thinking on. There’s got to be another way to describe all of this…


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