Where Do/Should I go From Here??

I always struggle for topics – today being no different than any other. So, I tend to muse over questions that I get via Email when I get stumped. Quite a while ago, well over a year, Daphne E. wrote me, complimenting me on the “Upon a Pagan Path” podcast, and asked why I had brought that podcast, as well as “From the Edge of the Circle,” my original podcast, to a close. She also asked if I miss those “old days” from back then.

Well, there were a few reasons that I brought the podcasts to the end. The primary one was the amount of time it required of me. At the time, I was back in a full-time job, and really didn’t have the time to spend trying to put a podcast together or to do all the pre-planning that goes into creating a show. I do actually miss those days, particularly when there were quite a few prolific shows out there. Getting the chance to talk and mingle with other podcasters was fun, and frankly I’m very honored to have been within their ranks. These days…I’m more likely a forgotten footnote than anything else. But it really was the camaraderie that made things so much fun and always interesting. One of my favorite moments was when Mojo and Sparrow sent me an audio file that I could patch into my podcast episode which mimicked them hacking into the show. That was creative, fun, and hilarious. Its a moment I cherish deeply from my times running the show.

The blog; however, has become my creative outlet. I have thought about slapping together small five minute video segments that I could toss up on Youtube, but I doubt I would really go about doing that. Plus, there’s always the chance of putting another podcast together – except that I am not going to host a podcast by myself ever again. I would need a fellow host or hostess to take that spot. I have no desire to ever be on the microphone on my own again.

Now that I have managed to dig my GoPro camera out of whatever box I had packed it in, I have toyed with the idea of taking hikes in various places in Texas with the camera running. Then coming back and editing up the video for something to upload. Really, it would be a way to show everyone something that I love, and allow me a few moments of commentary. At the moment, I’m not really sure how I would proceed with the idea, since I would need to connect the GoPro to my body in some fashion, rather than carrying it around in its waterproof casing on the end of a selfie stick. So, kinda place this idea in the area of “maybe”…plus, the CoronaVirus stuff needs to really get a little less crazy out there…along with all the crazy violence being added to the protest movements. I like the idea of me being safe concerning my health….yeah. I could utilize a small tripod system and mount the GoPro to that and showcase my rituals…but I don’t have the tripod to do that with. But again, place this in the arena of “maybe”….

Not long ago, someone had asked why I am not on any of the Pagan-oriented podcasts that are out there. I think this was a question that was asked on Facebook. Maybe. Anyways, I responded that (a) no one had asked, and (b) I’m fairly NSFW in my conversational manner, so I might not be appropriate for their show. ::shrug:: Otherwise, I’m more than happy to sit and chat about stuff on a podcast show…although I would prefer sitting around the fire and discussing things with people face-to-face. Just a much more conducive environment for discussions, from my perspective. Plus the conversation can go free-wheelin’, as it where. No singular topic to hold on to.

Honestly, I am not trying to put myself into any arena where I might become a ‘Big Name Pagan”. Fame, notoriety….none of that is my bag, man. I’m no authority on anything other than my own personal Path. Nor am I trying to build some concept of a “brand” where I can market myself. Money has no driving force with me. Granted, its always nice to be paid for one’s time and energy, but its definitely not required. I don’t make a living from being a Pagan. I’m not marrying people or performing coming of age rites or funeral proceedings for those that have passed beyond the veil. Though I have had a few folks tell me that I should think of hanging my own shingle out there. ::shrug:: I am not sure that I am THAT kind of Pagan, but I do have the utmost respect for those that are doing such services for their communities. Its a tough gig, but a very rewarding part of giving back to the community.

My writing style is very much like my talking style. Its raw and for the most part, very unfinished and unrefined. I have a desire to write a book, and have even started aspects of it. I do know that my writing needs work and that sitting at a keyboard each day helps to refine that. So does reading. The more I experience the written word, the better I will get with it. Just like any other aspect of one’s Paganism – the more you do, the better you get. Just my opinion there.

So where am I going from here? At the moment, nowhere. This little niche I have created for myself allows me the freedom and opportunity to try out some different things going forward, as I noted previously. Some of it, may be an unmitigated disaster. Other parts may be triumphant miracles that I never realized would blossom the way that they do. Most of it will fall, in varying degrees somewhere in between. But I’ll never know if I don’t try…

–T /|\

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