Bad Poetry Thursday: Hiking the Path

Hiking the Path

Each step forward
Takes me a little further
Along this unplanned Path

Higher in elevation than before
Through the sloped floors of the forest
Ever further on the ascent

Looking over a shoulder
Down into the green valley below
A breathtaking view to behold

Looking further upwards
Along the barely seen Path before me
The summit encircled with clouds

What might I find on this arduous climb?
Monsters to defeat, challenges to accept?
Or rocky terrain that may take my ankle to peril?

Climb ever higher I am compelled to do
Not because this craggy summit exists
But for the experience of doing so

Life is about challenges and accepting them
Life is about pushing yourself to your limits
Though the pinnacle one may never reach

One thematic that continues throughout my life is that of a hike. I actually enjoying hiking quite a lot. Walking through a forest is one of the best pleasures I know of in Life. But every aspect of my Life can be easily placed into a paradigm of a hiking-style journey. Without a challenge, something to strive for, something to reach for…Life tends to resemble walking on a sidewalk in the city for me. Perhaps, its foolish for me to see everyday Life as part of a long-term journey, but it certainly does provide a bit of direction for me. Plus, as I said, I love the imagery.

–T /|\

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