Incomplete Thoughts: Diversity

Lately, I have been plagued in my writing by what I call “incomplete thoughts” which are simply blog posts that I can’t find a way to conclude. These are usually shorter than the small essays I try to write, and I have a small clutter of these hanging around. Since I already use Thursday postings as the typical place for ‘Bad Poetry Thursdays” which happen infrequently, I thought it would be a nice change of pace from time to time to add “Incomplete Thoughts” to that mix as well.

I like diversity. Not just with race or gender or what have you, but with everything. I like my politics to be a diverse set of perspectives, not just Right-wing or Left-wing. I want to hear from those perspectives in-between and even further Left and Right. In my opinion, a wide range of perspectives makes for better decision-making and opinion-forming. America’s dominant two-party system just sucks. I prefer lots of musical styles. A wide variety of musical viewpoints is refreshing. I love Jazz, in all its forms, Classical, neo-Classical, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Pop Rock, County and Western, Swing, Ballroom, Rhythm and Blues, some Rap, and a lot more. Each style, each presentation of musical and lyrical content helps me to see deeper into a wider world of Awen than I could ever have dreamed on my own. Diverse perspective provides clashes where two (or more) perspectives cannot ordinarily mesh. That conflicting perspective provides more than one way to look at things, and allows the spectator (me, you, or others) a glimpse of the differences. Those differences provide a perspective that we can utilize to determine what does and does not work for us individually. Those differences help us to make choices for ourselves.

What I am not for is using diversity to make choices that can be utilized to drive deeper wedges between “Us” and “Them”. We saw a lot of that during the last Presidential cycle. Both sides making charges that you either vote for (x) candidate or you are against us. I opted out of that silly game. I see value in every individual – even those that think and act differently than I. We all inhabit this same planet. We all breathe the same (somewhat polluted) air. Whether we agree with it or not, we all survive together. What a shame that we cannot collectively agree enough to bring and end to violent conflict as a means to solve our differences. While I value diversity, I agonize over our lack of humanity – our lack of decency towards one another – our lack of compassion for those that are different than we are. But I still hold out hope. Because if I didn’t…I don’t even want to think about that.


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