Bad Poetry Thursday: The Coming Winds of Samhain

Today marks the return of Bad Poetry Thursday. For those that are somewhat new to this, these are non-rhymed poems that I write on various topics. None of what I write is stuff that has the markings of being published – beyond the blog. I’m not a great poet and I know it (don’t even get me started on this little rhyming aspect that’s been a running joke longer than the sun has risen and set). Apparently there are a few folks who like my poems, and everytime I stop doing these Bad Poems – I get a request to bring it back from the dead. So here it is….


The Coming Winds of Samhain

The winds blow harder today
Then the past few days have wrought
Heralding the constant push and pull of Autumn
Between cold and warm air masses

The call of Winter can be heard on the unseen waves
And seen on the hordes of dry, brown leaves
Rampaging through the yards and streets
Amid the coming voices of trick or treaters

I sit at my desk, sheltered from the elements
Thoughts falling towards a point of solitude
My desire to pull back within my own protections
For Samhain has arrived, again

So, as I usually do with these pieces of my pathetic prose (I’m utilizing a fashion of alliteration here, not being overly critical of myself) is provide a small explanation of my mind’s processes of the moment. I have alluded to my dislike of both Samhain and Beltane here in the blog posts. Its nothing to do with what each point on the Wheel means to me, but rather the super commercialization that seems to come with both celebrations on the Wheel. That doesn’t mean that I am talking about the consumer perspective that we are seeing as retailers are ramping up for the coming Yule holidays, but the super glee and hard emphasis that the Pagan community places on each point – often to the detriment of the other spokes of the Wheel. Me, the seemingly quintessential Libra, find the over emphasis to not be fitting to the balance of equal distance and perspective to the Wheel as a whole. Thus, my feelings lead me to a point of solitude, where I tend to shut out all the revelry and take a deep dive into my own personal Spirituality. These days, I am having those feelings of solitude again, but have promised myself (and others) that I wouldn’t go into my usual shutdown. ::twitch:: πŸ™‚

–Tommy /|\

2 thoughts on “Bad Poetry Thursday: The Coming Winds of Samhain

  1. I think you poem is lovely. It echoes your style of blog posting and has nice imagery. πŸ˜‰ As for your thoughts on the unequal emphasis around both Samhain and Beltane compared to other spokes of the Wheel, I’ve lurked long enough in and around pagan spaces (in and out of them for years) enough to agree with you. I have a theory.

    Both Beltane and Samhain center around two points of the year that historically may be the most controversial. Beltane around Easter (let’s stick it to the Christians and show we’re not the same) and Samhain at Halloween (haha Christians, we’re the children of the witches you burned…we celebrate and don’t care if you squirm).

    As a lot of pagans come from Christian backgrounds, it’s a visible way to validate their new choices and celebrate what was once expressly frowned upon. It seems like the pagans who were raised that way don’t do it as much.

    Maybe I’m reading too much into things. I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts. 😁

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    • Thanks for the compliment on the poetry. That means more than a lot of folks might realize.

      As for the rest…as usual, you provide a good perspective for a blog post where i can expnd on those thoughts and add some of my own perspective as well. Keep an eye out for that in the coming week. I think your perspective and points are on-target. I have a few potential theories of my own…plus, I think this is something that might merit deeper discussion between folks. πŸ™‚ You make my brain pick these thoughts up and turn them over and over for inspection. πŸ™‚

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