Thinking About: Past, Present or Future…Please Do This.

Well, the holiday season has finally descended on this madness we call “daily Life.” Thanksgiving, Yule and the calendar New Year are all lined up in a row, promising too much time with those family members that we don’t get along with. There’s not much for me to worry about over all of this. My DNA family live at least a single day’s worth of hard driving from here – so there would need to be some serious planning that happens for something like this to come together, and there’s been no serious planning. My nearest DNA relative is my sister down in Baton Rouge…and we barely acknowledge that the other exists. So, the holiday season should prove to be fairly quiet and easy to manage for me.

This past weekend, on the drive back from Missouri, I managed to pick up a few shows on Satellite Radio from National Public Radio (NPR for those who prefer acronyms). In one of the programs, there was a segment where musicians of today were asked what they would want to tell musicians of the future, say twenty-five years into the future. I found a lot of the discussion to be quite interesting and fascinating, prompting me to wonder a bit about what I would want to tell Pagans twenty-five years into the future. I’ve covered this before, sort of. I believe that the only thing I could really relate to the Pagans of the future is to “be true to who you are in everything that you do.”

Looking back over the past, I wish it was a point that was stated with a bit more volume than it was back in the late 1980s. But as I am reminded by so many Science Fiction stories and movies and books: you can’t change the Past without making the Present wildly different. All I can do is lament the fact that it took me nearly a third of my Pagan path to realize how important this point would be to my own Spirituality.

Say a Pagan from the Future popped into my office through whatever technology that they had and wanted to sit down for a cuppa and a talk. After I got finished freaking out over the fact that someone just popped into my office without coming through the front door, would I impart that little bit of wisdom on them? Maybe. Probably not. I would love to be helpful but providing my little bit of knowledge may change the outcome of the world at that point. However, perhaps if I imparted that bit of wisdom, the world could be made better from that point on? Would I? It’s a rather heavy decision to make, one that I believe would have some answers within the mysterious world of quantum physics (maybe).

I know, I know. I can feel so many of you rolling your eyes over the scenario and concept. Besides, I’m no heavy thinker or major influencer. Why would anyone want to listen to me? Yet, here I am typing all of this out. Why? Well, I believe that every single person influences the world around them, regardless if they even realize it.

I live by a handful of thoughts. (1) In whatever you do, be kind to everyone. You never know how much you can change their day. (2) In everything that you do, be true to yourself. (3) No matter what happens, the designated hitter in baseball is evil and should only remain in the American League. (4) John F. Kennedy Jr. is indeed dead. (5) President Biden won the election fair and square. Ok, maybe only the first two are me being completely serious, although I do firmly believe in number five.

If I had to impart “wisdom” on the future generations of Pagans, it would be the first two points in the previous paragraph. Even in the face of persecution that Pagans suffer every single day at the hands of right-wing Christian extremists. Because if we continue the cycle of being harmful towards one another over our beliefs, then the denigration, anger, and such will never stop. In fact, I believe it will continue to escalate. Just tossing my two quid into the pot. In fact, I’ll call at this point. 😊

So, let’s say that I am approached by the future, as I have laid it out previously. Would I impart my “knowledge” on to the future? Well, yes I would. (Ignore the contradiction with what I’ve already said) My points on being kind and being true…these are not going to hurt anyone else if imparted to the future. Perhaps, these two points could enhance their future by providing them the framework for something I see disappearing from our modern society on both sides of the political spectrum: compassion. If I am supposedly important enough for our future Pagan to utilize the awesome technology to rip through the fabric of the space/time continuum – than I should absolve myself of the responsibility to protect the space/time continuum and impart these words to that time traveling space hippie. Besides, what harm could I really do, right? At worst, a short talk with me might get our future Pagan to realize we don’t really need dishes. Empty plastic butter-tubs make good bowls. Seriously. 😊

Coming back from my silly, sarcastic perspective – the best I can impart to anyone, present or future, is to be kind to everyone. And while doing that, be true to who you are. Don’t be something you’re not. Don’t follow the trends unless those trends speak to who you are. Walk your Path. On your terms. Your footsteps are your own. And if you’re from the future…just tell me that y’all ditched that “new” Coke formula. My generation was dead wrong about that shit.

–Tommy /|\

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