Hi. Its been a while. A lot has happened since my last post. Surgery on my abdomen…night time effects to keep my kidneys functioning. A lot of stuff. But I’m still alive, and still going. My posting time is going to go down from here, simply because I can’t keep up the pace anymore, but hey…you do what you can. Speaking of the posting time, I’ll focus it down to twice a week. Once around Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and another post on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Nothing more than that….simple schedule…

So, what’s been on my mind? Nothing much. I’m handling things as they come at me…one at a time. It makes for a boring life, but it works better than it sounds like. I’m mainly kept here at the house…since I can’t drive (for now). So I take walks in the neighborhood, and spend my time watching tv shows. Except for the days when I have hospital appointments. Now, I spend part of my day online…just the typical stuff…and I catch up on everything that I’ve missed…which is a lot.

Life has gotten fairly boring over here…but there is a ton of stuff to get done. Like finding my tennis shoes…somewhere in the garage, And unpacking the boxes that I can lift (under 30 pounds of total weight). Life is definitely different than I remember it being. Occasionally I get the chance to go out to the movies (Miyazaki Fest). Nothing major…just a movie every few weeks.

Paganism wise, well. its been a hard year. There’s not a lot that I get to do…which is somewhat of a relief for me. A bit of a break from my religious life has been a good thing to me, though I certainly am feeling a need to visit Pagan friends in the neat future.

Anyways…its nice to be back. Even if it feels like a different vibe to me…it is what it is…and we will make the best of whatever we have given to us…eh?