The Sunrise – the Start of My Day

If you have read this blog for any amount of time – or even sat down and talked with me

Sunset in Summer 2014 at Disney's Epcot in Florida.
Sunset in Summer 2014 at Disney’s Epcot in Florida.

face-to-face – you probably already know how much I adore sunrises and sunsets. I tend to have quite a few pictures of them in my photo collection – some of which I have taken myself. My morning start is never complete until I have watched the sunrise – even when its obscured by clouds. Every evening, I try to be in a place to view the sunset – though with my job, that’s not always possible.

Why Sunrises?

Call me a hopeless romantic, or as I’ve stated before – perhaps I just fart rainbows. But that moment of time, when the world starts to turn from darkness to light is an extremely magickal moment for me. There’s a certain still in the air, if you sit still you can hear the birds calling out to one another – and sometimes you can hear animals nearby. Of course, a lot of this is also punctuated by cars driving past carrying their human cargo to office destinations – if you happen to live in an urban area like I do.

Sunset over the Rocky Mountains
Sunset over the Rocky Mountains

I take a few little travels from location to location across the United States (and later in 2015 across the pond to England and Scotland). Everywhere I have gone, I have tried my best to see the sunrise and/or sunset where I have been. The most serene sunrise I have experienced was at a cabin just south of Whitefish, Montana on my recent trip to Glacier National Park. Even though I was in a semi-suburban area, the quiet of the morning was very much in effect. The first morning there, the grass was covered in dew, as the sun came up over the horizon. Nearby, in the field across the street – two young deer were cautiously moving through the brush, having their morning meal. I sat on the porch of the house, and drank my coffee in silence. Taking in all that I felt around me. Nearby, I could feel the presence of a local Kami, but as with most Kami – it paid little notice to my presence.

For me, on a Spiritual level, sunrises are the promise of the start to a new day. Everything that happened the day before is pulled back – and a new canvas for the day is placed on the easel. What gets placed on it, depends on you, and the environment around you. When the sun goes down, you can look upon the day’s “masterpiece” and see the story of the day unfold before your eyes. Of course, not everyone sees things from that perspective – but this certainly works for me.

Here I am walking back from a vantage point, where I tried to get a picture of the morning sunrise.  I had the wrong lens for the shot - so the picture did not come out the way I had hoped.
Here I am walking back from a vantage point, where I tried to get a picture of the morning sunrise. I had the wrong lens for the shot – so the picture did not come out the way I had hoped.

Have you ever considered your day from point to point? I look at my days from sunrise to sunset and from sunrise to sunrise. Perhaps you have different points that define the day for you. Try it out – look at your day near the end of it….right before you go to sleep. Think about what the day has brought for you – how your role was played across the stage that was presented to you. Folks have asked what I typically write in my daily journals. This is what takes up the majority of those pages for me. And reading back on them, I always find a little piece of the daily puzzle that I had noted, but never expounded upon.

Hope your morning started as good as mine did today!! Time for another cup of coffee….

Watching – People, Sunrises, and Sunsets…

So I am back from the fourth straight day of touring the Disney theme parks here in Orlando, Florida. Parts of it have been fun – parts of it have not. The next two days will be spent at a location that I added to this trip.  If I was going to Disney for four days, we were all going to Cape Canaveral and Kennedy Space Center for two days. But – that’s for a later post.  Let’s stick with Disney for the moment.

Spirits of the Land

As I stated in my last post, its really rough getting the attention of the Spirits of the Land around this year – much less even feeling out where they must be. Just a few short days around here – and its fairly obvious why. The teeming mass of humanity, all uber-focused on their own needs and gratification, leaves very little room for anything in the arena of caring about or or the land. This small and highly concentrated mass of amplified consumerism can take its toll on even the most balanced of individuals. I know it has done so to me. Sitting here at my laptop, I feel so disconnected to the world around me here. Almost as if the Disney theme parks become a suspension of that connection I feel to my environment. Or perhaps that this environment is so antithetical to the environment that I have nurtured and cultivated back in Texas – that it is difficult for me to find enough similarities between the connective measures to be of any use.

Observations on Parenting Inside Disney Theme Parks

I am, admittedly, a people watcher. I observe behaviors of all types in many people. And Disney made for some interesting watching. As I noted in my previous post, there were many examples of rampant gimme-gimme consumerism on display throughout the various gift shops on the parks. However, there were also displays of parents that were at their wits-end with their small children. Perhaps the most horrific scene came tonight as we made our way out off Epcot. Just outside the Mexico Pavilion in the World Showcase, we stumbled across a stroller that was stopped with the mother kneeling in front of the stroller and face-to-face with the small boy sitting inside of it. “You do not tell me that I cannot hit you on the top of the head when you are acting up! I am responsible for your actions! If I want to hit you on the head, I can do that anytime I like!” A young man bending over at one side of the stroller told the young lad in an equally stern voice: “…if I want to smash your face in, I can do that whenever I feel like it.” The woman added: “Yes, he can. Your uncle can do that anytime he likes! Now stop crying!”

Its been a long time I was single digits in age, but if I had two adults yelling at me like that in public, while strangers openly gawked and watched in horror – I would likely be crying as well. Thankfully, none of us had to get involved, as two Park Security folks quickly approached the little group and escorted them over to a sitting alcove for a little discussion. But this was evident in many other places as well, where hot, tired, and hungry children acted out – and hot, tired, hungry, and frustrated parents lashed back in some semblance of anger.

Now, I am not a judge of individual character – because I am only making observations here – not trying to determine whether these parents were fit or not in their actions. And I cannot say for certain what I would or would not have done if I were in their roles. But it was certainly obvious that the hot temperatures and a lack of proper hydration played significant factors throughout these scenarios.

Sunrise at Last!

epcot-sunsetThis morning was the first sunrise I managed to be awake for. It was a bit of a let-down though – because so many condos are in the way of seeing the sun coming up over the horizon. However, I got to sit back and watch the sky slowly melt from dark into a creamy eggshell white (there was cloud cover too) with touches of pink salmon, and egg-yolk yellow peeking through various little holes in the cover. Sunset was no less spectacular. In Texas, I am used to seeing a dark, blood-orange blob slowly drop beneath the western horizon. However, while at Epcot and headed back to the car, we watched the bright-yellow, hazy blob dip down behind the tree-line, and eventually slip beneath the curve of the earth – allowing the darkness to come forward. Not nearly as dramatic as the view I have from my front door…but beautiful in many different ways.