The Bliss of the Cacophonic Thunder

Music is a driving force in my life.  When I am writing the papers I’ve been assigned in my Doctoral studies, I can’t sit in the silence and find the Awen necessary to transform my thoughts from my mind to the written word.  Even now, while I am writing this particular blog posting, I have music on in the background.  And what I consider to be “music” – others have reasoned it to be a cacophony of sheer noise — or as my parents used to sardonically call it:  noisy thunder.

having grown up as a child of the mid-1980s, I was bombarded with a variety of musical choices.  There was the strange, off-beat dance styling of the New Wave movement, and the abrasive under-tones of the post-modern punk movement.  I, however, fell in with the Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, and Thrash Metal crowds.  Bands such as KISS (without their makeup for the first time), Anthrax, Metallica, and Ozzy Osbourne (solo with the awesome Randy Rhoads on guitar) were mainstays in my tape player.  Added to this were bands considered to be a bit more offbeat — Iron Maiden, Richard Hell, Mercyful Fate, Highway Chile, Rock Goddess and Phantom Blue.  Occasionally I tossed even more obscure artists of that time frame, such as W.A.S.P. and Accept.  But all of my music had a common theme — loud guitars and thundering bass and drums.

Over time, my musical tastes have expanded.  Newer favorites have arisen, such as Damh the Bard, Emerald Rose, Wendy Rule, and Coyote Run – among others.  Perhaps I’ve been mellowing over the years — or maybe my mind has been a little more open to trying and accepting the beauty of music I normally scoffed at within my youth?  Most likely, this is the case.  Most of my life has been spent on gathering new experiences and concepts within a narrow scope, until I gather a degree of comfort where I can expand that zone of understanding just a little wider.

Maybe, I could consider my approach to new concepts and information to that of an animal in the forest when it approaches a meadow or the edge of that forest.  I cautiously check out what has been presented, and inch my way outwards until I perceive that there is no immediate, present danger.  Then I can relax and enjoy the warmth of the bright sunlight that struggles to reach the forest floor through the enclosed safety of the arms of the forested army of trees.

 Perhaps.  For certain though, I know that music is an encompassing background to my life.  With a massive iTunes library encompassing nearly every genre (except R&B and Rap — music forms I have sampled and found not to my own liking) — my iTunes player is always running.  When not around my machine, I put my iMac on “mute” and let iTunes continue to play to amuse itself.  I know through experimentation that I cannot write well when there is nothing but silence.  Perhaps, there’s an element of Awen that emanates from the music that allows me to ride its wave?  I’m not absolutely sure as to the “why” factor — but I do know that there’s something within my Cacophonic Thunder that allows me to more easily get a handful of Awen for my own endeavors.

B*B  –Tommy

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