Morning Blahs….

The past few mornings, I have had the desire to get in and post — but not the energy to do so.  Working on my Doctorate class papers can sometimes do this to me.  But its also an indication that my diabetes is out of whack again.  So, this morning, I find myself getting ready to drop on down to Flower Mound and visit my Endocrine (I think I spelled that right) for a checkup.

Being a diabetic comes with its own special brand of mood swings…at least for me.  When my blood levels are spot-on — I feel great, life is wonderful and I can make it through anything that might happen.  When those levels are too low, I’m cranky, irritable, and generally not fun to be around for anyone – including myself.  When my glucose is too high…I’m constantly tired and have a major dosage of malaise going through the day.  For the past few days…my glucose levels have been extremely high — which has had me feeling like I am going through Life in a huge vat of molasses.

Sooooooo….that’s where things are at for this moment – and the biggest reason I haven’t posted anything in a few days.  Time to get in gear and get ready for the doc appointment at 10am – just about an hour from now.

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