Tommy the Farmer

I’ve always loved the idea of growing food in my backyard.  Problem is – I have a “black-thumb” – in other words, I generally kill the plants that I try to nurture.  My problem is typically that I over-water the poor things — and they drown.  So, a friend suggested that I try my hand at jalapenos.

This generally fits hand-in-hand for my love of hot sauce – as well as my passion for making my own from mostly fresh items (jalapenos, onions and garlic – I still work off the Rotel cans for my tomato aspect).  Last year, I attempted to grow my own jalapenos from seeds.  I nurtured these through the early Spring — and when they got too large for indoors — moved them outside.  And promptly killed them by over-watering again.  So I spent the Winter researching a bit about the plant — developed a less liberal watering scheme, and tried again this year.

This time, I bought plants that had already sprouted a ways out of the ground from the local Wal-Mart.  I knew the harvest period was approximately 90 days — and was looking forward to a handful of my little green goodies to place in my food processor.  After 90 days, I was disappointed to have only ONE jalapeno.  But…I was happy that I got the single little guy – so I gave my thanks to the G-ds, and added that one jalapeno to my hot sauce batch.  I left the plant outside…hoping for a second harvest.  And promptly received nothing.  So I stopped watering the plant altogether.

Until this morning.  I happened to glance over at the plant while loading up the birds’ water bath.  What?  ANOTHER jalapeno!!!  Its still small…so it has some time to mature into a larger jalapeno…but its there.  A small, little green, shiny casing.  So I have big hopes for next year’s attempt at becoming Farmer Tommy….plus I’ll be adding a new crop:  scallions.  🙂

One of the nice things about this entire process isn’t just about the food though.  I get to put my hands in the dirt.  And while I’ve actually had blood-relations make scathing comments about my “sanity” – I spend a little time talking to the plants as well.  I do the same for the enormous tree in the backyard that puts my stone circle in shade each morning.  Much like I enjoy talking to animals – I also enjoy talking to the plants.  I love the feeling of energy that I get from them when I touch their leaves or stems…and I enjoy the symbiotic relationship we enjoy.  I feed them, they feed me in return.

Perhaps some of my blood-relatives are correct — I may be a little crazy.  But its a “crazy” that I am not only comfortable with — but lovingly embrace.  I’m honestly not so worried over what people think — but rather, I worry about not being “me”.  Talking to plants and animals and getting connected to my environment — that’s me.  My daily Path is about being true to who I am – not trying to appease others.

/|\  TommyElf

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