Walk. Don’t Run. Don’t Crawl.

Yesterday, while on my morning walk, I was struck by a particular thought.  Oddly enough, this happened while I was listening to the latest episode of Druidcast, where Damh was interviewing two individuals during a recent trip of his into mainland Europe (I believe he was in Prague).  The thought really had so very little to do with the podcast or the interviews — it was just a stray thought that squeezed its way to the forefront of my head.

Walk.  Don’t crawl.  Don’t run.  Walk through your day.  When you crawl, you pay too much attention to the smallest details and miss the larger picture.  When you run, the picture blurs and you miss the imagery in your haste to move along.  There are times to crawl and run, but these are few.  So walk and enjoy the day.

I’m not entirely sure where this thought originated at or even why it came out during these two interviews.  In looking back at where I was on my walk, I was leisurely enjoying a stroll past the front pastures to SpiritHorse, watching the horses grazing leisurely.  Whether or not this had anything to do with this train of thought is a complete unknown to me.

Whatever the origin of the thought — the true focus for me is on the overall message.  Where and why it came along is somewhat immaterial.  I seem to be getting my usual poke from the G-ds that I need to take things a little slower than I have been.  To slow the pace down and enjoy the feel of the sunshine on my face, the slight breeze in my hair (what’s left of it), and to pop the earbuds out of my ears from time to time.  I wear my iPod everywhere.  Usually, I load it up with far more music and podcasts than I need to get through my walk.

Except yesterday.  I only had episode 41 on my iPod.  A little under an hour of material for a walk that typically takes me anywhere from 70 to 90 minutes to complete.  And while I do walk along one of the busiest streets in Corinth, once the cars pass by – I can hear the sounds of everything around me.  Just a little further down the street from SpiritHorse is a cow pasture, where the local flight of geese typically stay.  In the early hours of dawn, they fly right over my house in formation – their cacophony of honking announcing their arrival back at their makeshift airfield.  When I walk by, I’ll steal a glance over from time to time to watch them dart in and out of the tall grass, playful settling down for their day near the man-made pond on that property.  The cows with whom they share this field with are always laying in the shade of the trees at this time, but sometimes I will pass them by as they quietly make their way across the property to chew on the much nicer grass located there.  In between the blasting car stereos (thankfully much less frequent now that the local High School is back in session) and the passing growl of work-trucks, I hear the warble of the local birds — many of whom seem to visit my backyard where I leave bird-seed and sun-flower seeds out for them and my local squirrel battalion.  And that was what I heard on the last ten minutes of yesterday’s walk.  I’m now loading my iPod for today’s walk — and purposefully under-loading my iPod so that I can go through this experience again today.

Take the time to just walk…

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