Review — Wild Wisdom Meditations with Earth, Water, Air & Fire by Philip Carr-Gomm

Excellent Guided Meditations

Much like Philip’s books, this series of guided meditations are excellent starting points for one’s journey through the four elements. Each element is covered in its own individual meditation, as well as a fifth meditation that combines all four elements together. There is no religious affiliation to any of the guided meditations — though I approached this series from my own perspective as a Pagan on a Druidic path. The meditations can easily be adapted towards any religious persuasion by the individual experiencing these guided meditational tracks. Philip incorporates easily understandable descriptive concepts to help visualize a particular setting within an individual’s “mind’s eye”. The settings are fairly generic in tone — a field, a seashore, a mountainous region — which is helpful in allowing an individual to tailor each setting to their own individual experiences.

Of the five meditational guides, Fire was by far my favorite. I enjoyed the sounds that were added to the track, as well as the descriptive usage throughout. This was by far the most visually accessible guide throughout — at least for me. One recommendation though — while Philip states in the Introductory Track that each meditation can be done individually — take the time to go through each one after the other. Philip describes the methodology to do this (taking ten minutes between each track to basically “cool down” from one guided meditation to the next) in the Introductory track…and I have to say that this was definitely the best method to partake in. Your individual mileage may vary…

MP3 downloads can be purchased at or

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