That Time of the Month Again….

Its the mid-range section of October…and I’m hitting that particular point in time again.  This is where my doctoral class starts to take a front-seat in my daily life.  Right around this time, I have all my papers due…so I begin my mad dash to get things completed.  This month is no different than any other.  In some regard, this particular time-frame takes on the mantle of a house-cleaning of sorts.  Where I push everything over to the side — and weed through everything one piece at a time.  First comes the classwork.  After that, I start to look through my OBOD materials and where I am on my studies.  Once I have another twenty battle-plan there, I move on to some of the mundane parts of life…and so on.  Its a very strange cycle…but it does work well.  So, for the next few days — you won’t see much being posted here on the blog.  And then, once I get things squared off — you’ll see a flurry of posts coming from me.  And oddly enough…that’s been the cycle for quite some time…it works…its just really odd to acknowledge that there is a cyclic nature to it all.


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