Time Shift and All That….

So…the time shift that I hate twice per year has happened.  And here I sit, thinking its an hour from now.  Plus, it means that the sun will be a little closer to coming up before me.  I’ll miss a few sunrises because of that.  Bleh.

Ok…time changes suck, but that doesn’t mean life gets any different for me.  I’m still moving forward on getting my class assignments in — and trying to figure out how to jam the rest of my life into a day.  LOL

So Samhain has come and gone.  This is the time of the year that I tend to disappear on.  I get very introspective, and spend large amounts of time on my own.  This year was no exception to that.  Samhain – and Beltane – are my least favorite times of the year.  A huge part of that is the extremely heavy emphasis placed on those two particular points of the wheel by the Pagan community itself.  A corresponding part comes from my distaste for crowds.  Because of the heavy emphasis, there tends to be a lot more people around.  The increase in people makes me antsy — I just don’t like being in crowds of people.  Just not my thing folks.  Anyways, I spent my Samhain in quiet reflection — doing a lot of inner working.  Most of my focus was looking back at the past year — seeing the missteps and successes and utilizing that as a plan for continuing down my current Path.  That’s been my formula for Samhain for close to eight years now…and it has worked quite well for me.

There’s a few folks who don’t understand that particular aspect of who I am…and that’s perfectly fine.  I’m me.  I can’t be anyone else.  I’m comfortable inside my own skin — that’s what matters most for me.  I can’t live my life for other people, its just not possible for me to do.  /shrug

Well, that’s the report for the moment.  I’ll try to be a bit more frequent in writing here…hopefully, some of it will actually make sense.  LOL

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