TommyElf – Transform!!

Now that I’m finally finished with my class….I have time to breathe and type.

Lately, I’ve been catching up on my reading list — which means running a little further with Tom Cown’s “Fire in the Head” which is a surprisingly coherent book.  I wasn’t sure what I should have expected, but it has certainly opened my eyes to viewing the concepts surrounding shape-shifting in a far different light.  I know a lot of folks live by the addage of “when the student is ready…” but this one has really hit home for me.  Looking at various ways to view dreaming as an altered state of consciousness where shape-shifting has a change to take form (no pun intended) has really been similar to opening a door to the outside on a room with no lights.  Everything has just started to come into a little stronger focus.  last night, even though I only slept three hours — I actually got up and started writing what fragments of a dream that I could remember.  At the moment, nothing seems to fit together too well…but I’ll see how things add to it tomorrow morning.

Oddly enough, this fits in with the podcast topic for the week:  the Power Behind Words.  Mostly, I’ll be discussing the descriptive power behind the words that we read and write.  I’m going to attempt to keep the podcast kind of short — especially since I’m adding a segment for the listener’s voice.  That segment is made up from Emails and Voice Mails from the show’s listeners.  The idea is to provide a spot, where folks can add their own voice to the show…especially since the show is not just mine, but also belongs to the audience as well.

Well, that’s it for the moment…I can’t wait to see what tomorrow is going to bring!!

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