The Myers "Controversy"

I’m on break between classes at the moment – so I decided to churn out another blog post.  Currently, the Email Inbox is jammed with folks asking me what I think of something or other that Brendan Myers wrote.  The basic gist of it seems to be that relationships are more important than the Gods – or something like that.  So I’ll attempt to address this from the perspective of what I know – which is next to nothing.

I don’t read Brendan Myers work – therefore, I’m entirely unfamiliar of what he is writing about in this instance, and have only a cursory perspective on his writings/thoughts at all.  Thus, I really can’t formulate a true, honest response or thought on his material.  This is quite similar to asking me to elaborate on the philosophical leanings of some obscure Chinese poet, whose works were never translated into English.  I’ve read a few bits of Myers’ writings – enough to know that his writings are not something that speaks to me in any sense.  The exact same statement could apply to the writings of Starhawk or John Greer.  So, in a way, commenting in full on what I’ve managed to understand of the “controversy” over what Myers’ wrote is just not possible.

Do I think that relationships are important?  Sure do.  My understanding is that Myers is speaking of inter-personal relationships.  Of course these are important – unless you live a hermit’s life.  How we inter-relate with others is an extremely important function of social life.  Is it more important than the Gods?  This is a tougher area.  Let’s first start with the perspective of the importance of the Gods.  In my life, this is an important part of my Daily Life.  So my answer would be “maybe”.  In asking a question that relates the importance of one subject to that of another – we start getting into how, where and what people place importance in their own individual lives.  What one person considers to be of paramount importance can be completely different than what someone else places that little sticker of importance onto.  Thus, the question begins to be an individual, and internal one.

See, I’m a firm believer that no one has to have the same spiritual beliefs that I do.  I have no expectations that anyone will see the spiritual side of things the same way I do.  I’m a unique individual, with my own manner of understanding the world around me, and my own moral compass.  For me to ask someone if they believe a$ is more important than b$ – that’s just the height of absurdity in my book.  People can set their own priorities of what is more important in terms of their own lives.

Now, circling back around to the question of whether I agree with Myers or not…I really have to wonder why it really matters?  If I say no – does that mean you will no longer be friendly with me?  Or if I say yes, will you consider me to be some kind of crazy, loony person that you now need to ridicule (which is likely the case without ever asking me the question in the first place)??  Perhaps, you’re seeking some form of a debate with me over the entire issue?  Myers, as is anyone else, is entitled to his opinion on any given subject.  Asking me for a debate on words written or said by someone that I only have a cursory knowledge of their perspective on life — that’s just silly to me.  If you really want to know…ask Myers…he said/wrote it.  Whatever it is…

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