Begging and Borrowing for Trouble and Drama

Well, let’s see…a handful of things going on…just had my first serious issue with ANY Apple product I’ve owned.  My iMac’s hard-drive apparently gave up the ghost on Friday, so I took it to the Apple store on Saturday.  They replaced the drive and had it ready for me within three hours.  It sure impressed me with the speed that they were able to get things taken care of.

So, apparently during the weekend – there was Pantheacon, which I had zero intention of attending.  Stuff like that just doesn’t appeal to me.  I prefer to take my spare time and head for the mountains and be outdoors.  I know there’s a lot of people out there that are exploring the theological side of Paganism — but that just doesn’t hold any appeal to me whatsoever.  That’s not who or what I am about…

There was also some dust-up with a Fox and Friends commentary about Wicca and Paganism.  I’m not totally sure what precisely was said by the Fox commentators – and I’m honestly not too worried about it either.  I know some folks may be looking for me to be outraged over the issue – and I’m just not.  The commentators are certainly entitled to their opinions – as am I – as are you, the reader of this blog post.  I can hope that the Fox and Friends show would consider bringing some Pagan(s) on their show to talk about the misconceptions that were brought up — but I’m not holding my breath either.  Nor am I going to run out and sign a petition asking them to do something like that either.  Its their show, their producers will decide what goes on the show and what doesn’t.  Me?  I’ll continue on with my daily routine and live Life the best that I know how.

Remember, I blogged a while back about wearing your emotions on your sleeve?  I don’t see a need to kick up a crusade against a television program on a television network whose audience is quite likely nothing like me in thought or deed.  What would it accomplish??  I’m not out to win any converts to my belief system.  If people want to come to Paganism, they will.  If not, more power to them on whatever Path they are seeking.  So long as they don’t disrupt my ability to practice and believe as I do – I have no problems with some television talking head spouting opinions.  When they state that people who believe in Paganism should be put under the torch and purged from the earth – unless they convert to Xianity – THEN I have a problem.  In the meantime, I see no need to beg and borrow for the trouble and drama….

3 thoughts on “Begging and Borrowing for Trouble and Drama

  1. I agree, especially in light of the fact that I wouldn't have expected any less that the uneducated drivel that poured forth from Fox and Friends hosts.I'm sorry I even bothered to watch the clip…several minutes of my life I won't get back.


  2. I watched the clip, and the only thing I take issue with is that Fox was presenting this as news, and that the one lady tried to say that the University was "using" Pagans/Wiccans for a political "agenda". There was also the "I can't say 'Merry Christmas' anymore" comment. And yes, the guy who kept saying "Wiccanism" does want to stop us from practicing as we do. Thus, I have a problem.


  3. No offense intended here V.G. — can you point me to either a video or a transcript of what was said?? I don't think even Tucker Carlson would say that the US should be a single religious system, and non-believers purged from its shores.


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