I’m Just Not One of Those People

Haven’t written much…but not for a lack of inspired thought.  Mostly for a lack of my usual machine.  The iMac has had some major issues.  The screen would flicker and then five minutes later it would freeze up with a completely white screen.  On a reboot, I would get five vertical lines.  The first trip to the Apple store yieled the replacement of the hard drive.  When that proved to be an unsuccessful repair, this second trip will yield a new logic board, new graphics card, and a new LCD.  Hopefully…this repairs the issue and I can get my machine back.  In the meantime, I am on my Toshiba Win7 laptop…and trying to guess passwords to every single website I log in to.  ::sigh::  I miss my Password Manager…which is located on my external drive…and is an app written specifically for OSX.
A lot of folks went to Pantheacon a while back (what a week??  Smeg if I know the exact dates)…and there’s a lot of folks blogging about their time there.  I’ve had a few of their blogs pointed out to me.  I usually read about a sentence or two before my attention wanders elsewhere.  I totally grok that folks get into stuff like that – I’m just not one of them.  However, the weather has been cooperating here quite a bit…I’ve managed to get a handful of walks in this past week – which is far more exciting for me.

I know there’s also a kick in working through the concepts of theology and philosophy as it relates to this Pagan path or that Pagan path.  Another endeavor I’m not really into.  People start talking theology, my eyes start glazing over in the same manner when people talk politics.  Its not that I’m not completely uninterested in theology – I’m just not into debating/discussing/arguing the finer points and concepts until I barf into my cup of coffee.  Besides I know that what “clicks” for me might possibly make someone else cross their eyes or stare directly into the sun.  Arguing of the “correctness” of what I believe or how “period” my perspective is or isn’t — well, I’d rather drive a flat-head screwdriver up my nose, to be honest.  Again, I grok that there are folks who enjoy doing stuff like that – I’m just not one of those people.
Well, instead of just sitting here smacking on the keys of this keyboard…I’m going to strap on my tennis shoes and take a nice walk while the sun is shining.

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