Where There’s a Desire…There’s Always a P-38

Its really interesting to see where my interests peak. In reading Ernst Breisach’s book on Historiography, all of History’s documented


phases are presented in sectional areas. I was extremely interested in the Roman periods of material – considering I’ve been reading about the Romans since I was somewhere around ten years of age….that’s not completely surprising. But all the other periods of History have been lackluster thus far for me. None of the Historians that are recanted in Breisach’s period surveys have really “done” it for me. Until I made the turn of the century with the American Historiography – going from the 19th to the 20th century. Now, I can’t seem to stop writing notes, and re-reading pages. I can nearly feel the History opening up to me…and such a strange period of time for me to be interested. Perhaps, its part of my love of the SteamPunk genre…or perhaps, its the effect that this particular period of History has on the Computer Revolution.

At lunch today, when this topic came up – one of my friends at the table remarked about how I completely “lit up” when talking about the start of the Computer Revolution. I was described as “elated” as I described the change from analog to digital electronic environments, and was “spellbinding” as I rambled about pioneers such as Licklider and Englebart. That particular discussion took place on the way back to the house, while in the car. And during the discussion, I found myself sliding into relating sections of Markoff’s “What the Dormouse Said” as examples of why I am completely fascinated by this part of Modern History. And it dawned on me. I shouldn’t be focusing on the Ancient Civilizations for my degree program. I could utilize that area of History to showcase the newer material in the Digital Age. Now I just need to find a way to sandwich that into my aspirations for a degree…..

Where’s there’s a desire…there’s always a P-38 can-opener.