Reading and Same Skies

Finally made it through Breisach’s very technical work on Historiography. Its not something I would term as “light reading” – particularly since its aimed at Graduate-level students in the Academia environment. However, he brings up a lot of the philosophical points for many of the History-related schools of thought in the European and North America area of emphasis. I guess that was one of the bigger disappointments in the entirety of the work for me. I was certainly interested in the potential Historiography of the Far East and the Latin American spheres. Still, I understand the focus being on the two areas that he did pull together for the book.

Next up on the reading list is Tim Berners-Lee’s book “Weaving the Web” which his telling of the original design towards the internet. It reads very easy, flows very easily, and utilizes a vocabulary that the average lay person can read. Its also written in an extremely accessible manner, quite similar to someone sitting down and telling the story to his grandchildren by the fireplace on a cold winter’s night. Making it even more enjoyable is that the book is not written in a manner that makes you feel “not smart” when reading it. So far, in just a few hours, I’ve managed to read nearly a third of its entirety. More to come once I finish.

I had posted a lit of books that I was leaning towards reading – and have since gone a little off-track in my reading. Mostly because I needed to take a short break from the heavier academic works. My next three books – after Berners-Lee – are “Ten Zen Seconds” by Maisel, “Hood” by Lawhead and “Wolf Moon” by DeLint. After those three, I’m not sure where I will be heading – but it will be a more academic book.

Being a professor is a load of fun – and while I do not relish the idea of taking any sort of an extended break – I have not been offered a class during the Summer sessions. Therefore, I will have a lot more time off between the semesters – and should be able to get the podcast back on some sort of schedule. Hey, Life gets in the way with stuff like that – and its *IS* a hobby after all. Its not like I get paid to podcast. LOL

One last thing – I got a lot of Emails concerning all the talk about “Pagan Bubbles” which was a blog posting at The Wild Hunt, written by Teo Bishop. Honestly, ya’ll, I’ve not read the entire post. I read maybe a paragraph or two, and essentially skimmed through the rest of the post. I’ve said it before – I am no Priest or clergy member of any religious belief system. I don’t get into the study of theology or the semantics of labeling things to keep them in a nice neat box – from a religious perspective or otherwise. I’m just me. I’m a Pagan because its what I believe in. If people can’t relate to that, its not a deal-breaker for my friendship. If it is a deal-breaker for them – that’s their choice. I accept people for who they are, not for what label they ascribe to themselves, or what God/Gods/Goddesses that they do or don’t follow in their lives. All the rest of that stuff…its not what I am into or about. I treat others in the manner I hope to be treated as well. Sometimes I do a good job of it, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes other people treat me the way I wish to be treated, and sometimes they don’t. In the end, we all look up into the same skies at night…