Just Listening…Tuning In

Music has always been a major component of my life. At nearly any given moment, I have some kind of music playing around me. For instance, right now I have my iTunes player on “random” and have been listening to Cyndi Lauper while starting out on this post. Lately, I’ve found myself tuning into the Jazz stations inside of iTunes while reading. When I clean in the kitchen (right next to my office area in the Dining Room), I tend to blast something to keep me moving with some kind of a beat. When I walk – I usually have the headphones in my iPhone and am either listening to a podcast or some album’s worth of music – or even my own version of a digital mix-tape.

There’s other forms of music as well. Near my house, there’s a little bridge that used to be the main driving road. A new bridge was built nearby, and the rod diverted over the creek bed there. But the old bridge is still up, and has become a part of the walking trail there. I like to come out, sit on the bridge, and just listen. The songs of the birds, mixed with the sound of the breeze in the leaves of the trees — its a song all its own. When I was down in Carlsbad Caverns earlier this year – I did the same thing. I found a place to sit – and just sat there. When the hordes (!!) of people wandering the main cavern room would shut up, you could hear the wind blowing through the cave. It was a quiet, soothing sound. I would seriously give good money to spend the night down there when there was nobody there. I’m certain that it would be an incredible moment, and one well worth living through.

Life has a rhythm all its own. There’s an underlying current of music inside of everyone. You hear it in your heartbeat. Its punctuated with your breathing, much the same way that a good backbeat is punctuated by the quiet pull of the strings of a harp. And you can change the intern; rhythm of your song to match that of someone else. Try it. Hold someone close, and your heartbeats and breathing will begin to close together in a near cadence. Honestly, there’s music everywhere….

I couldn’t live my life without the music that I love. But its more than just the musicians that I keep digital recordings of. The Earth is a wonderful musician, and has created a wonderful ensemble through the gradient pressure, as well as the voices of the choir of animals that inhabit her. Every once in a while – pop out your earbuds, shut down your music player, turn off your car, sit down in the grass — and listen. Just listen….

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