Its All About Intention…

Life is full of amazing moments. Sitting in the backyard a few days ago, I marveled at the birds playing in the branches of the tree. Its a big tree – and the only one I have in the backyard. Taller than my two-story house, I would assume that it is one of the original ones from when the neighborhood was first built. I have birds and squirrels that jump from branch to branch – and come down to the bird waterer that I have outside of my window. Every Wednesday and Saturday, I scatter birdseed all around it – scrub out the detritus that has gathered there – and fill it with fresh water. Those simple things tend to make my backyard into the Woodstock Festival for the neighborhood creatures.

As I noted, I was sitting in the backyard, watching all the movement in the tree. My eye was drawn to the bees gathering pollen from the wild flowers that grow at the base of the tree. The graceful state that they moved from location to location was literally a symphony for my eyes. I could hear cars driving on the neighborhood street, but my focus was on the bees. And up the squirrels and the birds. Life for them is such a simple thing, except the added dangers of dodging dogs and cats in the backyards – to say nothing of trying to dodge cars when crossing the street.

We humans are not that much different. We live our lives moment by moment. Sometimes, we over complicate that existence with the inane politics around us. We get tangled up in concepts and ideas that fall in the area of societal governance – how people should conduct themselves in what we describe as a “civilized” society. And once we get completely caught up in all of that – we lose perspective on the things around us that do matter – our environment, the way we interact with one another, insuring that our fellow neighbor is taken care of. Screw the world around us. Don’t make eye contact with strangers. I take care of myself and my own.

We have connective technology that has allowed us to transmit the news instantly from any location around the world (for the most part). With the lick of a single button, we can conjure the images and sounds of someone from another location through the magicks of the computer/internet. And yet, this wonderful tool has provided us with the capacity to be mean and spiteful to others while hiding behind an assumed personae. That degree of anonymity provides a sense of courage that face-to-face communications would quickly erase.

I know. None of that sounds really positive. But to be honest, those are just the drawbacks. That same technology allows us to make connections with people in areas of the world that we never would have. It allows us access to the thought processes of people that we might never have known existed if the internet/computer technology didn’t exist. So what’s the difference? Why does one side of the coin provide a “bad” side to the technology – and the other provide stellar examples of the usefulness of the same technology?

The answer is in one’s intention. Much like magical workings, its the intent that provides the shading for our usage of the technology. To be up front, I’m not a fan of magical workings. I don’t do spell-work or anything along those lines. Its not that I don’t believe in its existence, just that I believe that the time and place for its usage is extremely rare. That’s purely my take on that though – and slightly off tangent (if you are new to reading my postings – you get used to the idea that I slide off into tangents). The usage of the technology – essentially a communication tool – comes down to our intent. As another example, I can use a hammer to put a nail into two pieces of wood, connecting them together. I can also use that same hammer as a tool of violence. The difference in the usage is the intent of the user, not in the tool itself.

So I marvel at the world around me – watching the seemingly simple lives of the animals in my backyard. I see similar patterns in the human beings, who get up in the morning – get into their cars, and drive to their places of employment. None of them any different than any other….and yet, the manner in which they all use a simple communications tool can make all the difference in the perceptions of others. Intention in our online environment colors our emotional perceptions in that world….its a digital world of ones and zeroes…one of internal perception. Does that make it any less real??

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