Trip is Going Well….

So far, I’ve managed to drive through a massive thunderstorm, nearly got hit head-on by an 18-wheeler on a two-lane highway in Nebraska, had a problem with a heater component for the fuel mixture controlled by the computer on the Forester, been less than four feet away from a Bison, seen a Prairie Dog village, and had some of the best home-made blackberry pie ever.  Oh!  And I found a quasi-Pagan store in Hill City, SD.  But that’s only part of it all…along the way, I’ve had the chance to walk among some of the strongest areas of Kami I’ve ever encountered outside of Colorado.  And…I drove right through the middle of an Oglala-Sioux protest where you could literally feel the tension inside the car.  For right now, its time for me to grab some sleep…tomorrow is the longest single-day of driving on this trip…but I will write more in two days….I’ve got a lot to talk about – both here and on the podcast.  Until then….


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