Old Spirits of the Land…

These hills and mountains are old.  The spirits are very much alive as well.  You can feel them everywhere – you just have to stop and listen.  They’re not angry or jaded either.  The spirits here in the Clark and Lewis ranges of the Rocky Mountains are playful, joyous…they enjoy the everyday wonders of life.  Man is only a single entity here — there are so many others that inhabit the area as well.  Mountain goat, bear, various kinds of birds (including my beloved Crow), Mountain lions, Bison…and so many others.  The plant life is alive – in some places quite young, and in others extremely old.

I’ve been to the Rockies in Colorado many times over.  Its definitely one of those places I enjoy going to a lot.  The spirits there feel much younger than the spirits here in the Lewis and Clark ranges of the Rocky mountains.  The difference is noticeable, nearly palpable, despite the fact that both areas are part of the Rocky Mountain system.  Furthermore, the feeling here in the Lewis and Clark ranges is much stronger than that of the Colorado area.  In Colorado, you have to get out of your car to feel the presence of the Spirits of the Land.  Up here in Montana, you can feel it just by driving through the area on the roads.

When in Colorado, I always wondered how different the land would feel if I had the chance to travel back in time to a point when just the Native Americans were in the area.  Up here in Montana, there’s no doubt how it would feel – much the same as it does today.  Perhaps, its because I don’t see the crass commercialization here that I do in Colorado.  I think that may play a part in it – but I also see people here that have learned to integrate with their environment – rather than making the environment bend to them.

Whatever the case may be – I am completely in awe of the Spirits of the Land here in Montana…and I completely head-over-heels with the environment.  This may be the closest I have come to seeing a vision of Paradise in my mind.  I have four more days here…and I am not sure I will want to come back to Texas.

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