Changing Focus….

Yesterday, it seemed like the world got tipped over and shaken like a snow globe…or at least it seemed that way for nearly everyone’s posts I have come across on social media.  At least the ones discussing the Martin/Zimmerman verdict that came out of a jury room in Florida.  And looking through all of the responses, I realized that the verdict wasn’t something that had that type of effect on me.  It took a few minutes to realize why – or at least the potential of why…and I wound up spending part of my normal sleeping hours puzzling it out for myself.

I kept wondering why I didn’t feel the same outrage at the verdict.  Several people I have discussed this with dismissed my feelings as being “out of touch” or that I didn’t “have a heart”.  None of that was overly surprising for me, they were keenly invested in the entire trial – and for the most part had already convicted Zimmerman of murder long before yesterday.  I didn’t follow the trial, read the news articles on it sparingly, and saw none of the television reports on any of the courtroom process.  I wasn’t – and am still not – all that invested in the trial.

But I wondered why I felt that way.  This morning, the rain is coming down in light sprinkles, my neighbor crows are feasting on the stale bread I tossed out in the backyard, and I feel happy.  And not one bit of that has to do with the trial.  And then I was drawn back into a conversation I was having with two folks at yesterday’s Pagan Pride Day meeting — it was a conversation that had little to do with the meeting, just three individuals sharing some similar thoughts.

Our conversation meandered over a lot of material – some politics, belief systems, etc – but we eventually got into discussing how people can change over time.  I mentioned how my earlier podcasts from a few years back had a political tinge to them.  Now, I tend not to say much about political stuff at all – and when I do, I’m typically on the outside, looking in.  So, after I got up this morning – I put on a couple of those early podcasts, and give a listen to myself.

Its interesting to me to hear myself then.  I can hear myself swept up in political rhetoric, driving home my own bias…and shockingly enough, I can hear my focus on the negative side of things.  Its one of those internal struggles I constantly have.  And it brings to mind a particular comment I made during yesterday’s conversation…”its far easier to focus on the negative side of things then it is to find the positive.”  Yeah.  It is.  And listening to the older episodes, I can hear it creeping into my voice.

I’m not saying I’m any better now.  I can definitely grab for the negative side of things very easily.  And I’ve done that – even on recent podcast episodes.  But also have become more aware of that, and do my best to balance that out with a positive side as well.  There’s that damn Libra in me.  I’m so damn Libra (born in the middle of the Libra sign).  I turn things over, try to see every side of the issue…and I’m constantly trying to find the bright side of Life.  (Stop it!  Stop singing the Eric Idle song in your head!!)  And there’s what might be the difference…

When I read/hear/see news stories where everything is all a loss of hope, despair, anger towards the government, a cry that freedoms are being eroded…I remember that I live in the United States, where these freedoms are prized.  The Constitution doesn’t provide these freedoms for anyone – we provide them to ourselves.  If a government desires to remove those freedoms, well — to be honest, we aren’t there yet, in my personal estimation.  Besides, I’m more interested in people treating one another as human beings…but all of that is for another blog post…yes, I’m digressing – as I’m usually doing…

The point is that there’s always a positive side to everything – sometimes, you have to dig a little deeper to find it.  Sometimes, you don’t realize that you’re already there, until you look back…like I did this morning.  Looking for the positive things in Life…that requires a mindset change…an attitude adjustment, if you will pardon the overly used cliche.  Why am I not outraged over the Martin/Zimmerman case — well, I wasn’t there when it happened, so I’m not sure of what the facts are and what they aren’t.  I could read about those facts and make a decision of my own…but to be honest, my focus is somewhere else…enjoying the beauty of another new day…another new adventure…

One thought on “Changing Focus….

  1. Thank you! It is the same for me. I didn’t follow the details of the case and trial all that closely so I can’t say whether or not justice was truly served. My focus has been on things closer to home which are within my sphere of influence. I too have changed over the years and try not to get myself so worked up over things which are beyond my personal control. Yes, it is an easy thing to do, getting caught up in negative feedback loops. I hope that I am wiser now than I have been in the past and better able to recognize when I am doing that or when someone nudges me to remember it. Today, I am at work enjoying the light rain and cooler weather. This evening I look forward to spending some time with my family. These are things which I plan to focus on.


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