“No One Owns Beseechment”

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If you want to pray to your higher power, then go to an isolated place.  Why go to where Native people are finding their areas becoming crowded?  The four directions are everywhere; the Great Mystery, the Creator, is everywhere.  The spirit world listens to all who are truthful regardless of where you are at.  You do not have to be on Bear Butte, on Mt. Sinai, in Mecca, or at the Wailing Wall.  To go up on a mountaintop or on a butte or into a lodge and beseech one’s higher power — this is not a specific rite that falls under a jurisdiction of any special race, organization, or tribe.  The Jews were doing this ceremony, vision quest, long before the Christians.  The Celts beseeched to a Creator in lodges long ago.  Across Europe and into Mongolia, spiritual saunas were held to beseech.  No one owns beseechment.  –Ed “Eagle Man” McGaa, “Coyote’s Council Fire”, p.47

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