The Hammer (and Sickle) of My Opinion on Syria…

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I have turned into a veritable book-worm…of sorts.  I can usually be found reading books of all types at nearly any moment of free time I have.  Typically, the books are either (1) First Nations History, (2) Spirituality, or (3) SciFi/Fantasy of one sort or another.  However, my current classes have added to my reading load.  I am currently reading a text on Democracy in the United States — and if you know me fairly well, this is not my typical reading material at all — as well as a text on US History, which is hardly a stretch for me.  Add on top of that, my Government class is also topical in nature to current events – which has me reading from a large selection of newspapers and news magazines – a VERY STRANGE reading choice for me.  Already, we have covered the conflict in Syria – something that I am not even remotely interested in.  And frankly, reading about it just makes my head hurt – and I have said as much on my Facebook page.  And that’s actually gotten a few folks upset at me.

“Don’t you support Human Rights for everyone?”  “Don’t you think its terrible to use chemical weapons on people?”  “Don’t you believe this to be a threat to Israel?”

Sure, I support Human Rights for everyone.  And definitely, I think its a terrible thing for any country to use a weapon like chemical warfare on ANYONE, PARTICULARLY CIVILIANS.  A threat to Israel though??  Openly, I’ll tell you I don’t give two shits about what happens to Israel.  They are their own country, and they certainly don’t need the United States around to make decisions for them.  We won’t even dare to cross the line into the area of military Financial Aid we provide there.  I’ll consider that to be a completely different set of issues…

What I am in favor of is the United States minding its own damn business.  Chemical attacks on a civilian populace is a despicable act – certainly.  The domain where this needs to be researched and prosecuted at is in the United Nations.  If I recall correctly, Syria is a member of the United Nations – having joined in October of 1945.  The United Nations considers the usage of chemical weapons to be an atrocity of war (again if I recall correctly)…and the offense occurred in a time of civil unrest, placing the event as a Syrian-on-Syrian event.  There were no attacks against Israel, or any of the other bordering countries…in my opinion, this places the issue on the doorstep of the United Nations – not the United States.  If there is a punishment aspect that should come of this atrocity – it should come from the United Nations body.  Were the attack to have occurred on a United States ally – such as Turkey or Israel – I could see a response with United States troops being formulated.  But not where things are currently sitting.

An unpopular opinion?  I guess so.  I caught enough heat over just barely mentioning my position – that the United States should mind its own business.  I realize, I will most likely catch heat/dislike/anger/disappointment over my position on Israel as well.  Here’s the thing folks – these are just my opinions.  I don’t make policy – I don’t even WANT to make policy.  You couldn’t pay me enough money to be a politician of any stripe.  Its not my world –  its not something I care much about – its not my bag, baby.  I do have an opinion…I just don’t wield it like Thor’s Hammer….

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