Episode 139 – Every Ending Starts a New Beginning

Episode 139 – Every Ending Starts a New Beginning

Everything has an ending. My “official” announcement that the end is arriving for this podcast. From the Edge of the Circle has been around for 7+ years – and I have had lots of time to talk about how I approach my own Pagan Path. I have made many friends through the podcast – and had the chance to meet a lot of people who listen to the show as well. But there comes a point, where the entire process has come to its conclusion…where the Circle comes to a completed point. This is the beginning of that point.

I talk a bit on the show about some of my memories with the podcast – there will definitely be more to come with the last two episodes as well. I also talk (ok – its more like a ramble) about the upcoming Pagan Pride Day (Oct 5th), as well as some of my feelings about Pagan community. I also talk about the podcast that will arrive in November of this year – a discussion show with other people on their Pagan Paths. The show is – oddly enough – titled “On a Pagan Path” – I sure do hope you come and walk with me.
DFW Pagan Pride Day’s page can be found at: http://dfwpaganpride.org/


From the Edge of the Circle…
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Episode 139 Direct Download link: http://traffic.libsyn.com/edgeofcircle/EdgeofCircle139.mp3

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