This Blog is Considered to be a Non-Essential Government Service….

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A bicameral legislative body is an entity with two separate bodies that must come to agreement to put forward legislation.  This is part and parcel of the United States government – the Congress is comprised of two components – the Senate and the House.  Both must achieve an accord on legislation.  Yesterday, September 30th, 2013, neither body could achieve that accord on a funding measure that would allow the United States government’s administrative functions to operate, and thus functions and operations of the United States government must be prioritized.  That priority determines which governmental functions will cease operations, and which will operate as a necessary aspect for the citizenry.  800,000 (approximately) individuals will be furloughed from their jobs – many will not receive back-pay from this stoppage, when the government is brought back into normal operation.  The politicians that have brought this entire endeavor to a stand-still – they will continue to be paid during the stoppage, since they will be working towards hammering out an agreement between themselves to move the legislation for funding forward.

I have heard tons of statements made by various individuals and groups over the past few days.

The government is broken…Its the fault of the Tea Party Republicans….its the fault of the Republicans….its the fault of the Democrats….its Obama’s fault!

The time for pointing fingers and assigning blame…in my mind, that’s long past.  If we – the citizens and voters of the United States – are looking to assign blame, we should blame all 535 members of Congress.  To that total, we should add the President and the Vice President.  Maybe, we should add ourselves – the citizens and voters – to that mix as well.  After all, we elected these clowns into office as our representatives.  The only way I see to solve these moments of gridlock and deadlock within the legislative process – is to vote people into office that are not looking to crusade through the legislative process with their positions of ideology.  That overblown sense of importance for a position of ideology is what brought the Tea Party Nutjobs into elected positions in the first place.  And those people being elected only added fuel to an already contentious fire that is the ideological feud between the Republican and Democrat parties.

Yet, we continue to elect (and re-elect) these people into positions of representation…even when they do not adequately represent their district of citizenry.  The system is geared to the incumbent politician in office.  From the moment that they are elected, these politicians that are already in office can continue to gather funds for election that are two, four or six years off (depending on the position).  Meanwhile, their challengers are allowed to collect campaign funds only in a short specified period of time shortly before the election process (otherwise known as an ‘election season’).  Its a clear point that the more money a campaign works with, the better the chances of that candidate to be elected.  How to change that?  Well, that means putting forward new election laws, which are then voted on — by those same incumbents that are enjoying the advantages of the system.  No wonder there’s very little change to election laws.  Look who is making the decisions.

Its obvious that there are weak points in the system and the election process.  Changing the campaigning and election laws is not the answer either.  The real answer is to put forth candidates that are willing to toss the political rhetoric and ideology out the window.  For those candidates to campaign on ideals – and for the voters to back away from candidates that utilize personal slurs and drag their opponents’ family members through the mud of a campaign.  We, the citizens and voters of this country, put our votes forward for these politicians to GOVERN this country on OUR BEHALF.  Maybe, we need to stop voting on positions of political ideology, and start voting for candidates that run on issues and HOW they would govern on our behalf.

Most likely…I’m just beating my head against a wall…voting history shows that ideology rules the campaign trail…and that fighting dirty in campaigns by using a candidate’s family as a point of negativity rules the average voter’s thinking.  I’m not sure if that’s sweat or blood that is running down into my eyes at this point…

1 comments on “This Blog is Considered to be a Non-Essential Government Service….”

  1. Yeah, this is all a big part of why I took my leave of politics. Nothing is going to change in this country until the people decide it’s finally time to clean house and start fresh. Unfortunately, I don’t see that time coming anytime soon. I also don’t think those bozos in D.C. are really the ones running the show anyway. They are just a distraction to keep people thinking they actually have some kind of representation and say in what gets done.


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