Review: Facing the Darkness

Facing the Darkness
Facing the Darkness by Cat Treadwell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Everyone has had those moments of internal darkness. Those moments where it feels like the entire world is looking down their nose at you. Those moments where you think the Flintstones character Schleprock was written about you (the character that always has a rain cloud with lightning following him around). And rarely is there anyone who seems willing to just sit and listen and UNDERSTAND without judging. Well, here’s someone that will – and since she cannot clone herself millions of times over for the world (though I like that idea) – Cat Treadwell has written “Facing the Darkness”.

The book is essentially broken into three parts that are in nearly every part of the titled areas. Regular typeface describes an issue or feeling or emotion – helping the reader to reflect how this particular area may or may not help them in working through their current state. The bolded section has simply worded lessons and/or activities that are there to help the reader with a proactive moment to start the process of dealing with their internal dragons. The last – but not in all sections – are italicized comments and examples of how others have worked with issues within their own lives. Taken together, the material provides a starting point in dealing with one’s dragons (my term for one’s personal issues). You don’t need to slay your dragon – just learn how to get that dragon to calm down and be more house-trained in your world – so to speak.

Much like Cat’s “A Druid’s Tale” the material is warm and inviting. In many places, Cat reminds the reader of such mundane tasks as “making a cup of tea.” The charm of both “Facing the Darkness” and “A Druid’s Tale” is that you can actually feel yourself having that cup of tea with Cat. And with a topic such as this – its that warm feeling of having a cup of tea and chatting with her that brings the experience of spending time talking with someone – even if its all just in your mind for the moment. Many of her exercises and meditations in this book, I have utilized in slightly different forms – many others, I have not. And while I hope not to have an experience where I would need to use those exercises – I am comforted to have this book in my library. Or even have it there for a friend who may have need of it in the future. An absolutely wonderful book on a very difficult topic.

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