Goodnight to the “Edge”, Good Morning to “Upon a Pagan Path”

Glacier National Park
Glacier National Park

The next four days are likely to be some of the most emotional I have ever felt – at least where a podcast is concerned. On October 31st, I will be releasing the very last episode of my podcast “From the Edge of the Circle“. For the past week-plus, I have been listening to episodes of my show – not including the last show that comes to 140 total shows. Of those, only one has featured a voice other than my own – where I featured a presentation given by John Beckett at the DFW Pagan Pride Day in 2010. For 139 episodes, I have tried my very best to provide advice to Seekers everywhere. You have to catch the Golden Snitch! Huh? No, wait…wrong type of Seeker… 🙂 Seriously, though….

From the very first day – close to eight years ago – I have wanted to give back to my Pagan community through the podcast. And though I feel there were times where folks were shouting “shut up!” at their computer monitors…I feel like Edge has done just that. The show’s title was a reflection of where I was in my local community – on the very edge of things. Not very involved…and really only a reflection of what I was seeing, not what I was experiencing. There were some abortive attempts to change the name to “Edge of the Circle” – but as I started searching out on the name, I discovered there was a bookstore in the Seattle area with that name – so I kept the “From the…” portion of the title to differentiate from that.

There are a lot of podcasts that have disappeared under the waves. I heard from a few of the podcasters from time to time. I kept hearing how my podcast was an inspiration for them to start speaking their own words. At first, I was amazed when I heard statements like that. Then, after a time, I was trying my best not to be scared over such compliments. I never started the podcast to achieve some sort of fame or stature – and honestly, I still get the urge to run as fast as I can for the horizon when I get such statements from people. At this year’s Pagan Pride Day in Dallas – I met a few listeners who stated just that to me – how I was an inspiration. And yes, it made me somewhat nervous. I have never done well in the spotlight. But its the people I have heard from who stated that the podcast encouraged them to seek their own Path – whether that be with a group or solitaire – that really made me the happiest. Folks that listened to what I said – and then applied the concepts and techniques to their own way of thinking, including altering them to their own needs.

But on to the podcasters. As I said, there have been a lot of them that have come and gone. All of the podcasts that I listened to before I started doing my shows have gone. Deo’s Shadow is probably the most well-known – and likely one of the greater influences among the long-running podcasts in the Pagan Podcasting community. Some of the shows that started up right around the same time that mine did – The Wigglian Way, The Secrets in Plain Sight and Pagan Centered Podcast – have all enjoyed great success in their formats. The wonderful thing about it, was that we didn’t compete for listeners. The Pagan Podcasting community has never seen a point of competition. There has always been room at the microphone for another voice. Sadly, there have been other shows that have faded away (or pod-faded as MoJo likes to say). I honestly get sad whenever that happens. That’s the quieting of another voice out there. I know there’s a handful of shows that I will miss in mentioning here…but one show I have always made time for is Greywolf Moonsong’s “A Pagan Heart in Maine“. And while I am signing off the air with Edge – Greywolf is coming back after a hiatus with his own show.  And that makes my heart very glad indeed. Honestly, that’s one thing that has made podcasting fun…all the Pagan Podcasters see the entire Pagan Podcasting community as a family – not some group that we must dominate through ratings or download numbers.

I will not lie. I have shed tears over this choice to put Edge to bed. Its been a part of my life for quite some time. Over that period of time, I have managed to obtain two Masters degrees, had quite a few jobs, and even endured a two year period of unemployment. I became a professor for a few of the colleges here in the local area, and even started down the track on my Bardic Grade for the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD). I moved between several locations in the DFW area, and finally managed to purchase my own home. There have been ups and downs in my life – and some of these I have shared on the podcast. In essence, I found that my podcasting audience was a member of my own family – and each episode allowed me to discuss some of the stuff going on in my life. But the choice is the right one to make. Edge has always had the perspective of being a monologue, not a format where I share what other people think and believe. And I have talked enough…its time for other people to have the microphone. My job is to get that microphone to them.

“Upon a Pagan Path” will kick off its first episode sometime between November 10th and November 15th. Since my schedule can change abruptly, I will claim this time for the new episodes to come out each month. Each show will feature a discussion with someone (and I am open to suggestions). I am favoring a discussion rather than an interview – because I really want the guest to have the option to control the overall discussion…let them choose the topic that they want to bring to the podcast’s listeners. The very first guest for the podcast will be John Beckett. What’s John going to want to talk about? I honestly have no idea, but I am really looking forward to hearing what he will have to say. I also have folks for the next three interviews lined up as well. Some of them may not be as well known as others – but I think they are very interesting people, whose voice should be heard. And that’s part of the beauty of the show….bringing voices to the microphone, and shedding some light upon their Paths as well.  I do not have the show built up inside of Liberated Syndication at this time – but will provide that after I obtain it a little closer to the first of the month. Hope you will join me – and the folks I pull to the microphone.

3 thoughts on “Goodnight to the “Edge”, Good Morning to “Upon a Pagan Path”

  1. Looking forward to the new show! Like I said before, Daphne and I would love to have a discussion with you. I feel that it would lend a perspective that folks may appreciate, as the two of us have been friends for 15 years, and always find common ground, though Daphne is a Catholic Christian and I am a Pagan. It sometimes feels as though folks think that people with differing views can’t be friends, which is not the case with us.


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