Paganism, Anarchy and Self-Truth – Emma Restall Orr – Quote

Not dependent on revealed nor channelled scriptures outlining codes of behaviour, to someone of a monotheistic or mainstream religion Paganism can appear anarchic, held together by such loose threads it seems simply a poetic vision that declares it coherent. Yet what holds it together us as loose and as potent as the lay of the land, as hills that slide into valleys and beyond. Its diversity, which of itself teaches acceptance of diversity, is exactly what gives it its subtle strength of coherence. Encouraging us to find our own truth and to live by it, is an official sanction for anarchy; yet, the philosophy is held within a framework of connectivity, for landscapes meet landscapes, energy flows into energy, rivers meet and merge, nature touches nature.

Emma Restall Orr, “The Ethics of Paganism: The Value and Power of Sacred Relationship“. Pagan Visions For a Sustainable Future, Ly de Angles, Emma Restall Orr & Thom van Dooren, editors.

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